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4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Igniting

4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Igniting

Imagine getting home on a freezing day, hoping to enter your nice cozy, warm house – only to realize it’s as cold in the house as it is outside. Nothing is as disappointing as a furnace that will not turn on during winter. That is why you should always prioritize checking your furnace before the cold sets in, to ensure it’s working correctly.  

Unfortunately, sometimes, furnaces fail to ignite or work. The reasons may vary, but here are some pointers to help you find out why your furnace may not be igniting.

Safety Issues

One of the main reasons why heaters won’t turn on is because something serious has happened. Modern heating systems are fitted with safety features intended to switch the system off automatically in case of trouble. Most of the time, it implies that there’s a safety issue at hand, and running the heater will either cause danger to your home or spread the damage.

For instance, if a gas leak occurs, the system will remain shut off to prevent a house fire. If the heat exchanger is broken or cracked, the system won’t turn on. For these situations, the failure to fire up is actually a good thing as it is alerting you of a serious issue. At this point, you should contact a Furnace Repair Calgary service provider to help diagnose the problem.

Problems With the Furnace

In other situations, the problem might be with your furnace. It may have inadvertently been turned off by someone in your home, so the first step is to make sure it is actually switched on. It is also always important to check and confirm the furnace’s gas supply.  

For furnaces that use electricity, there may have been a trip in the breaker. In this case, you should flip the breaker switch back on. If it keeps tripping, immediately seek professional help to find the cause and a lasting solution.

 4 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Igniting

Check Your Air Filter

In general, this is a common problem that affects air conditioning and heating systems. A probable sign of a clogged filter is when you turn on your heater, and it does not blow hot air, or any air at all. This happens when dust builds up on the filter, causing a reduction in the airflow throughout the system and causing your heater to shut down.

You can correct the situation by cleaning the air filter to get rid of any dirt (if it is a reusable filter), or replace it altogether. You could also get your system checked if it was clogged, since soot may seep into the system after a backup, causing health risks. When changing air filters, it is essential to note that they vary in size and type depending on the unit’s height and the size of your home. 

Problems With Your Thermostat

The thermostat is what tells the furnace when to kick on or off. If the thermostat is not working correctly or is not well set, it may never tell the furnace when to turn on. First, confirm your thermostat’s settings. Do this by ensuring it is set on the ‘heat’ mode, then make sure the temperature setting is at a setting that will indicate to the furnace that it should start up. 

You can also open the thermostat’s cover and check if there is any dirt buildup, since that can affect the thermostat’s sensors. You should also dust off your thermostat to remove any dust.

When Should You Call a Certified Technician?

When you determine that none of the solutions highlighted here have solved your furnace issue, immediately contact a professional furnace repair contractor or a local plumber to service your system. These professionals have the proper equipment and experience to find the problem and solve it.