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4 Things You Should Know about Air Duct Cleaning for Your Home

4 Things You Should Know about Air Duct Cleaning for Your Home

The magical thing about houses and apartments is that it feels good to leave these places, and it feels even better to come back to it. It is where you feel at home, appreciated and safe. However, not all homes give the same level of comfort, security and protection. Thus, to achieve the maximum cozy feeling of one’s home, using top-notch Air Duct Cleaning Equipment when engaging the service of a duct cleaning service done by trusted professionals must be a tradition of every homeowner. Specialized equipment such as vacuums, blowers, and brushes are being utilized to clean ducts starting from the supply duct, intake duct and return ducts. Additionally, the said services also include meticulous cleaning of motors, registers, air handlers, fans, coils, and housings of the entire HVAC system.

Duct cleaning services are not scientifically tested to upgrade the quality of air inside your apartments. However, on the other hand, cooling and heating coils, air units, and motors that are said to be unclean decreases the machine efficiency.

Undeniable Importance Of Air Duct Cleaning

Some homeowners may not consider that cleansing the duct as an important routine, there are others who believe that cleaning up the ducts together with the whole HVAC unit is a life-changing technique.

First of all, to realize the importance of duct cleaning, it is necessary to learn how the air ducts of your HVAC unit obtain dusts, soot, and other kinds of dirt. Naturally, upon seeing accumulated dirt on their unit’s air ducts, people will swiftly remove these out by themselves thinking it is polluting or contaminating the air that they are breathing in. However, that is not the actual case.

The natural air that we inhale actually has dust, dirt, and unseen microbes already. Hence, once the air enters the HVAC unit to either heat or cool a home, the dirt is filtered through a filter system inside; but, not all dirt and dust can be trapped through the filter. Some of it enters the ducts together with the air. The ductwork in the HVAC unit will then serve as the additional filter. The remaining dirt is confined to the surface of the ducts and will not be released back into the air you breathe inside your homes.

Clean Your Air Ducts Before Trouble Comes

Air duct cleaning is not an additional chore you should be concerned about. According to the EPA, air ducts must be cleaned in several situations like:

Your apartment got contaminated by a pathogenic mold. 

Rodents and insects have penetrated the air ducts of your HVAC unit.

When there is notable dust being released through the ducts when air blows.

When your air duct is congested with a huge quantity of contaminants.

It is suggested by the HVAC Inspection, Maintenance, and Restoration Association (NADCA) that every 3 years, ductworks of HVAC units must be cleaned. It is also advised to practice the technique when developing a new home or remodeling an old one.

Lastly, regarding the warranty of your home, maintaining home equipment makes your warranty cost a lot more worthy. Still, the guidelines from EPA is what most homeowners are practicing.

 4 Things You Should Know about Air Duct Cleaning for Your Home

More Than Just Dirt

Notable growth of dirt in your air ducts could serve as an indication towards additional problems upon your place. For example, disregarding dirty and faulty ductworks as well as using a substandard  Air Duct Cleaning Equipment could lead in decreasing your home system’s longevity. For these instances, home warranty will not cover the damage. Ductwork inspection is always considered a smart technique. Through it, any issues faced by the HVAC unit could be filed accordingly and will be included with the warranty.

Scams To Watch Out For With Air Duct Cleaning

Just like in every other field of businesses, scams will always be present to abuse clients and as well as affect the service-providers from reliable companies. There are actually several protests through the internet that also became a national headline. Through bait, these untrustworthy business owners become the worst opportunists by price switching. In one of the episodes of Dateline, these businesses promote their services with very low and affordable cost ($50 for air cleaning), but when they appear at your homes, they will provide their so-called service and before they are even through with the task, they would ask for additional payment to finish the job. The Better Business Bureau’s said that service-provider companies that cost the lowest are most probably unreliable, especially that ductwork cleaning would range within $500 up to $900 depending on the area of the place.

In addition, discovering molds inside the air ducts is considered to be a scam. It is advised by the EPA that when the worker notices mold growth, a sample must be taken and must be analyzed in a reliable laboratory center. This is to tell whether the sample is pathogenic. Mold growth also indicates that there may be a leak with the insulation, thus it needs to be replaced with a new one.

One thing to consider when choosing your cleaner company is money. These services are not easy thus may certainly ask for a higher price. Cleaning services that come with cheap prices are rather questionable. The higher prices will definitely provide much reliable workforce and exceptional service.

Hiring A Licensed Professional (Why You Must)

If you’re beyond interested to get your ducts treated, then you must get a contractor with reliable qualifications. This is to make sure that the tasks you requested will be performed correctly. The NADCA helps homeowners to locate reputable air duct cleaning services-providers with certifications. Just input your zip code in our online phonebook to look for a NADCA professional near your homes.

The NADCA have certified HVAC technicians who strictly obey specific guidelines and standards for cleaning your air ducts. These technicians are provided with extreme training and qualified certifications for cleaning HVAC systems. In line with this, money that would be spent, is worth it. Hiring a NADCA professional is a good investment.

Yet, clients must be always aware of certain groups of people who declare they are members of NADCA, when in truth, they are actually not. Some cleaning services illegally apply the logo NADCA as their own. Hence, the ultimate way to make sure that you are hiring a NADCA professional is by using the NADCA online directory. Interested clients are also welcome to call our NADCA main office for member verification.