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4 Ways To Design An Office Space That Inspires Productivity

Coworking space with large window

Your overall productivity is heavily affected by your working environment. Office space has the ability to either inspire or demotivate you. A well-designed office can boost your morale and promote your well-being.

But what are some of the factors that determine the comfort of an office? Furniture is one of the most important aspects of any workspace environment. The type of office seat and desk you use will significantly affect your productivity. The room’s ventilation, lighting, and general décor are also crucial in creating an office space that inspires productivity.

If you’re planning to build your office but are unsure where to start, you can take inspiration from premium workspaces like Melbourne Meeting Rooms. These facilities are designed to enhance the productivity of those who hire them and give the users value for their money.

Here are some tips on designing your office space that gives premium benefits.

1. Isolate Your Workspace

Whether designing a home office or a traditional work area, it’s essential to distinguish it from the surrounding. For example, ensure you separate your home office from the living room and other parts of your daily life. This allows your brain to adjust from ‘home’ to ‘work’ mode during work hours.

Workspace isolation also gets rid of unnecessary distractions. For example, working in the living room may seem fun, but you’ll be distracted by whatever is happening around you. The sound of the TV and the activities of your kids and other family members can make it difficult for you to concentrate.

If you’re lucky to have an extra room, you can set it up as your designated workspace. Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury, and that’s perfectly fine. In such a case, you might want to use one of the quiet areas in your home.

You can also set up your workspace at the dining table or storage room. If possible, avoid using your bedroom because the brain needs a change of environment to function optimally.

2. Invest In Office Furniture

The type of furniture you use can significantly impact your efficiency. Remember, your comfort and well-being are very crucial to your productivity. A comfortable seat allows you to concentrate on your work without worrying about your back. Similarly, an ergonomic desk ensures that you don’t strain while using your computer.

However, it can be challenging to find the right furniture for your office. If you’re at this point of your office design process, consider the following in your selection:

  • Think about the demands of your work: Do you need to change screens regularly? Or do you spend most of the time typing?
  • Prioritize your comfort: Not every seat or desk will feel comfortable for you. So, choose accordingly.
  • The size of the workspace: Make sure the furniture fits perfectly in your designated office space without overcrowding the area.
  • Consider the aesthetics: Choose a style you’re comfortable with and one that’s pleasing to the eye.

These factors can help you find the ideal office furniture to suit your needs. If you are located in the UK, you can also explore the options available for office furniture in London.

 Office with laid-back atmosphere

3. Invest In The Necessary Electronic Equipment

No modern office is complete without computers and other electronic devices. Purchase a desktop computer or laptop that fits your job in terms of speed and monitor size. Having a computer with the highest possible specs is ideal if your tasks involve graphics and heavy software.

In addition, you might want to invest in two monitors, especially if your job demands that you always open more than one window at the same time. However, as much as purchasing the best electronics is important for your productivity, don’t go beyond your budget.

Fortunately, you can always find products that meet your needs at a lower price, depending on where you look. For instance, going for used items in good condition can save you some cash.

4. Keep It Simple

As mentioned earlier, style matters even in offices. As such, there’s no harm in decorating your workspace. However, the type of décor you choose can make or break your productivity. For instance, some wall art designs can be distractive and will make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work.

So, as you choose your style, be sure to keep it simple. Decorate using photos that motivate you and enhance the office atmosphere. This applies to everything you install in your office, including the ceiling, floor carpet, and lights.


The way you design your office has a huge bearing on your productivity. A well-designed office space encourages your mind to be creative and work faster. Some of the features that determine the quality of an office design include furniture, décor, and available electronics.

The surrounding environment is also vital, especially for better concentration. Of course, there are many other factors to consider, but the ones mentioned above should be on your list of priorities.