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5 Main Areas Of Design

5 Main Areas Of Design

Do you want to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Design, but do not know which field to choose and in which university abroad it is best to study in this field?

Today we will look at the rating and prestigious educational institutions that offer programs in five main areas of design.

The creative direction involves all the internal processes of man: imagination, fantasy, and thinking. Spontaneity cannot be falsified by technological processes, just as it is impossible to program a machine for creativity.

One of the parts of creative activity is design – the creation of a unique image in external creative self-expression. This field affects many industries – entertainment, cinema, pop art, design in architecture – wherever it is necessary to create a unique image using the talent of the artist.

Today the list of popular directions of design includes:

  • Design in the fashion industry – Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Communication design – Design of communication
  • Industrial Design

Each of these areas is an important part of everyone’s life. We want to be surrounded by practical, beautiful, and simple things. The surrounding atmosphere brings its colors to our daily lives. We strive to build beautiful houses, design reliable, and fast cars – all this is the result of the work of designers in each area.

Of course, if you decide to study one of the specializations, your academic experience will vary greatly from field to field. Some will encompass more creative assignments while others might even make you want to employ such platforms as paper writing service MasterPapers.

Design In The Fashion Industry: Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of inventing clothes, stage image, and everything that adorns a person’s appearance. These include accessories, wardrobe items, shoes, and hats. All these items must be functional and pleasant to use, made with taste and aesthetics. To create clothes, you need not only good taste, but also skills in design, composition, and understanding of color combinations. A fashion designer must be able to design high-quality clothing for individual orders, as well as for mass sales of products in stores – mass-market goods.

Nowadays, fashion trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, fashion designers must not only keep their hands on the pulse of fashion but also predict or even create new trends.

The market for the consumption of goods is changing to the taste of the consumer. Therefore, it is important to understand the mood of the people, their target audience, for whom this exterior design is created.

Interior Design

Creating an interior is similar to architecture, but on a smaller scale – the designer needs to place the elements in such a position that the customer was pleased to be among them. Who would have thought that these two areas are united by ergonomics, color, visual graphics, and other areas?

Interior design influences the improvement of the interior space to create a more pleasant atmosphere in the room. The role of an interior designer is very diverse – to find new design ideas, choose interesting shapes, the right colors, and decor elements.

 5 Main Areas Of Design

Graphic Design

A graphic designer works on the visual appeal of a product when creating a website, logo, company brand, or printing design of printed publications.

Graphic Design specialists are constantly mastering new design techniques, software technologies, and methods of work. This area is developing dynamically and is in high demand both in the market of services and in the field of private employment.

It is estimated that graphic designers will have 35% more employment opportunities in online design projects by 2026. At the same time, traditional print media and the media will cut the number of designers in the field of printing by 22%, according to the CEO of WORLD magazine.

During training, you will be able to use your gadgets and devices. The training program at these universities is designed so that students study computer programs related to modeling, design, and engineering.

The course also includes subjects where students study web graphics, site page layout, and visual arts techniques for communication through web resources.

Communication design – Design of communication

Thoughtful communication is responsible for the correct understanding of the target audience of the manufacturer or brand.

Design of communication is highly effective communication through the media, where communication between customers and suppliers takes place, thanks to art and technology. The main goal of the company is “wrapped” in a certain design that helps the target audience to accept this text and somehow respond to it.

Thus, communication design creates visual messages in order to convey the necessary information to potential customers, the target audience in the network. Still, this degree will include many written tasks with which Masterpapers can easily help deal with.

While studying at universities in the field of Communication design, you will master the following skills: typography in the digital, layout of web pages, understanding of color theory, understanding of the market in the world of digital technologies, etc.

Career opportunities for graduates majoring in Communication Design: advertising projects, branding, web design, visual graphics, animation, 3D design, video game design, virtual reality design, packaging design, product design, data visualization, and others.

 5 Main Areas Of Design

Industrial Design

An Industrial Design specialist creates a product design from a technical perspective. It is important that this product is ergonomic, pleasant, and comfortable to use while maintaining high-quality material.

Industrial design combines elements of art, marketing, and technology and is used to create a variety of objects – from household items to technological products.

The task of the designer of this direction is the design of household appliances, the creation of interfaces, technical models of production, land, water, and air transport, as well as details for their operation.

Bright representatives of manufacturers who work directly with industrial designers – Mini Cooper, Piaggio Vespa, Coca-Cola, and iPhone. These are some of the world’s best companies that understand the value of working with the creative part of the team.

A separate category in the direction of Industrial Design – is the design of furniture, interior elements, decor, appliances, utensils. The designer takes into account the variety of shapes, colors, and textures to stay true to the laws of composition while creating modern products.

Who can work as an industrial designer: in the field of industrial design, product development, production line design, furniture design, humanitarian design and service design, toy design, product creation process management, design in architecture, and building systems.

Be Ready To Deal With Constructive Problems

No matter which subfield of design you’ll choose, you’ll always have to deal with tasks that require quite a lot of critical thinking. Of course, you won’t be able to avoid monotonous, boring assignments – in this case, you can read the article Review of the Top 5 Academic Assistance Platforms and choose the best platform for yourself to delegate such tasks too.


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