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5 Must-Have Items for Your Japanese Style Interior Design

Wood-paneled bedroom in a Japanese house

Peace and simplicity surround the modest designs of Japanese culture. The history of the thousand years has influenced Japan’s architecture and interior design styles. This results in a serene and rich cultural interior design.

Japanese interior design works on clean and uncluttered living with a splash of ancient customs and a love for natural beauty.

Whenever one comprehends the ancient team ceremonies and ways of life of the Japanese-the culture swiftly turns out to be exceptionally charming and worth reproducing in our regular day to day lives. One should bring Japanese style to their very much sharpened Zen into their ways of life. Who would not love to utilize a tad of peace in our homes? Keep scrolling below to see the 5 must-have items for your Japanese style interior design.

1. Bonsai & Bamboo – Elements of Natural 

Japanese culture is highly based on love and respect for nature. The best way to stay connected with the natural world is to bring nature into the house. You can add traditional Japanese plants like bonsai & bamboo to your home. It will give a small Japanese cultural touch. In Japanese, you will not see many floral arrangements, so whatever greenery you choose to add, try and keep it simple, green, and natural.

2. Sliding Doors or Screens 

The authentic Japanese screen is known as a Shoji, and it is a fundamental design component in Japanese homes. Due to the significant expense of housing, Japanese homes are often little and many residents prefer renting apartments, so saving each square inch of the room is essential. Not at all like entryways, these Shoji’s slide to and fro, saving space that a swinging door would take up.

This Japanese screen is generally made of fine, clear paper held inside a wooden edge. Although, current versions of these screens can be found online and are typically made of glass boards inside a wooden grid.

 Living area overlooking the outside of a typical Japanese house

3. Artisans from History

Another must-have item in your interior is artisans from history. You can add any favorite handcrafted items that date back to a hundred years. From kitchenware and ceramic to clothing, you can add any traditional crafts you like to your place to make it look more elegant and classy. Japanese swords known as katana can add a hint of Japanese history to your home. You can buy the custom katana for decoration from authentic sellers online to make your space for elegant.

4. Soaking Tubs 

The peaceful sounds of water flowing will fill your ears and quickly have a quieting impact. Like plants, elements of water are essential in the Japanese home.

Ofuro, translated as a shower in Japanese, is a peaceful custom that is certainly worth adding to your home. Japanese soaking tubs are deep tubs that generally have some bench seat. These tubs are turning into an Eastern trend for which various health-conscious owners are going crazy.

This amazing way to turn your bathroom into an elegant escape is by adding one soaking tubs. It is a way to create a spa-like environment at your home.

5. Elements of Wood & Bamboo  

One of the best ways to upgrade the interior of your house is to add natural wooden elements. Japanese culture is known for using wooden elements thoroughly inside their homes. The texture of the wood can be seen everywhere in a Japanese home. You can add bamboo flooring or a wooden screen to add the elements of wood into your place. This will give a serene and calming effect to your home.


To achieve the Japanese style, you must keep it minimalistic throughout your home interior. Add natural wood elements, greenery, natural lighting and sliding doors and colors derived from nature to give it a perfect balance of Japanese culture.