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5 Tips for Improving Your Brand With Exceptional Packaging Design

5 Tips for Improving Your Brand With Exceptional Packaging Design

Jess @ Harper Sunday on unsplash

First impressions are important in the business world, and the way you brand your products is a large part of this. There is a strong connection between branding and packaging design, and you can easily sabotage your sales success if your packaging is not designed with your brand at its core. Here are five ways for improving your brand with product packaging design. 

1. Be authentic and consistent

Just as it is crucial to maintain brand consistency in your marketing campaigns, it is crucial to have a custom packaging design that is consistent with your brand’s values and identity. While you don’t have to slap your business logo on everything that is related with your business, your packaging design should be informed by concepts that reflect your brand, including color, logo, and typography, among others. 

In addition, your packaging should be authentic to your brand’s positioning, values, promises, and story. Infusing a sense of character and originality in your packaging can help to create a memorable brand that engages customers and increases brand perception in terms of being seen as a brand that’s authentic and real. 

2. Avoid over-designing

It is easy to succumb to the temptation of over-designing in an effort to make your packaging the unique or the most eye-catching. While sometimes over-designed products luck out and do well in terms of sales, they do little to reinforce or build your brand. 

Avoid getting carried away with embellishing your packaging design. Generally, it’s the most simple and well-thought packaging design that wins out in the minds and hearts of customers. Stick with a simple, clear packaging design that your buyers will easily understand. 

 5 Tips for Improving Your Brand With Exceptional Packaging Design

3. Use recyclable and reusable packaging material

Using eco-friendly packaging material is no longer a trend – it’s necessary. More people than ever are conscious about the material used to make product packages and are more likely to shun products from companies that utilize single-use packaging. 

4. Create a persona for your product

Your package design is not just a way of delivering products.  It is also an effective way to convey a story, message, or brand identity. To do that, you have to think of your product as a person. Just like in marketing, you can create a persona, but this time for your product. This way, it becomes easier to create a packaging design that resonates with your product and reflects your brand personality. 

5. Design for durability

How durable your packaging should be depends on the shelf life of your products and the supply chain process. Long-lasting packaging is recommended for high-value, slower-moving products as well as FMCG goods. You don’t want a damaged packaging at the point of sale or past point of sale as it can negatively affect your brand since customers will see your product as ‘cheap’ or sub-standard. 


These are some of the ways you can upgrade your product packaging so that there is a strengthened connection between the brand appeal you are trying to build and the product itself. Creating an eye-catching packaging design will make your products stand apart on crowded shelves.