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5 Ways to Make Moving to A New House A Breeze

5 Ways to Make Moving to A New House A Breeze

In my experience, there is no middle ground for dealing with a house move. There is no grey area here, you are either one of two kinds of people. There are people like me, we make lists and lists for those lists and get everything packed and organised a week before the movers arrive… Then there are people like my husband, the haphazard bunch who seem to only realise the night before the movers arrive that the garage does not pack itself. With 3 house moves to date, which if you knew us would sound more impressive than it does currently, and us having developed a healthy tolerance (so romantic, I know…) for each other during times like these – I proudly present you with my guide on how to make your lives easier. 

1. Free Boxes

Be thrifty, get your boxes from grocery stores or warehouses or even under the “free” section of online classified sites. You can use the cash you save for pizza dinner the night of your move. Try organising your free boxes a few months before you sell your old house on WeBuyCle, you will be grateful for the extra packing time. 

2. Puuuuurge

This part some people struggle with. Some people that are not me. I love a good clean out sesh, if I have not used it for a year or forgotten where I got it from, or more importantly – why I kept it, it gets donated or recycled. I am ruthless like this. My husband, on the other hand, has 5 boxes for every year of his life and at least 10 pairs of chopsticks that he is sentimentally attached to. Bless his sweet socks, but if you are like me – Purge. Now. While You can. 

 5 Ways to Make Moving to A New House A Breeze

3. Research 

Do you research when it comes to finding a professional moving company. The keyword there is “professional”. You do not want to end up with a tacky bunch and either broken or non-existent furniture and home items. Your selected moving company has the power to either make or break your entire moving experience, so choose wisely.

4. Pick Your Day Ahead of Time

Choose and book the right day for you waaaay in advance. Trust me, you do not want last minute surprises or plan changes. Hire your movers at least a month in advance, so if anything goes wrong you will have enough time to make a decent backup plan. This ensure a smooth transition between homes and leave you ample time to make your new house your home.

5. Plot Your Course

Mapping out the best way to get to your new home will not only save you time on moving, which is always welcome, but it will also allow you to tweak your route accordingly and avoid high traffic zones. You will also be able to find your new favourite spots for after work last minute grocery requirements or take-out dinners.