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5 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Must Know

5 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Must Know

Ron Lach from Pexels|Ron Lach from Pexels

Youtube is a very popular platform among people of all age groups. Many creators work hard day and night to establish their channel and create an audience for themselves. There are quite a few features that are essential when planning a strategy to gain a wider reach on Youtube. When you are trying to get popular on Youtube you might miss out on a few of these important techniques because of the lack of knowledge. In this article, we have talked about the top 5 features that all content creators must know 

Youtube studio dashboard

Youtube studio is probably the most important feature in this lot. All big creators use Youtube studio for a better understanding of their channel. It houses all of the tracking and monitoring tools that youtube has. The dashboard is a part of Youtube studio. The dashboard contains important information that can be viewed with a glance. You can view important metrics and data related to your latest videos without having to spend too much time. With the help of the dashboard, you get a quick insight into the performance of your latest video. This is useful when you want to have a quick look at how well your video is performing. The dashboard also displays the number of subscribers you gained over the last 28 days. The creator insider segment keeps you updated with regards to the updates to the platform and the bug fixes. You will also find on the platform the news segment. This keeps you up to date regarding all industry-related news. Youtube goes the extra step for its creators. In the dashboard, there is an area called Ideas for you. This section provides you with tips that might help to boost the performance of your videos and your channel. Using the dashboard on a regular basis will help you understand Youtube better and have a wider reach on Youtube.You can even find some of the best sites to buy youtube views to get the desired amount of engagement.

Youtube analytics

Analysis of data is a key part of all social media platforms and Youtube is no exception. When on youtube you do need extensive analysis of data. This helps you to better understand the performance of your videos. It even provides you insights into the demographic of the audience that watches your videos. You need a reliable source of accurate data. Youtube analytics does just that for you. Getting data directly from the source makes it much more reliable. With the extensive range of data that they provide you will not need third-party software to get data. Youtube analytics is located in Youtube studio. Youtube provides more detailed data than even some of the paid software. They start by providing you with basic data such as the number of views you have, average watch time on your channel, and subscriber gain or loss. Apart from this basic analysis, it provides you with some very advanced metrics. With their software, you get to know about the location of your audience, the average age of the audience, gender of your audience, subscription levels, and much more. They even tell you the device that your viewers use in the form of a percentage. All of the important metrics are presented in a graph format as well to promote understanding of data. Understanding and using data will help you get popular on Youtube.

 5 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Must Know

Monetization and sponsorships

Youtube provides its creators with monetization options. This will help you to earn money while making videos on the platform. Many creators take up youtube as a full-time job. It will become extremely difficult for them if they could not earn money from it. With the help of Youtube monetization, you can make money on your videos by placing advertisements. Youtube gets companies to advertise on your videos so you do not need to be concerned about getting these advertisements. Your videos should follow the youtube guidelines to be eligible for enabling monetization. 

Sponsorships are not exactly a feature of Youtube. However, making good videos on youtube allows you to get sponsors. Getting sponsors requires you to attract companies to invest in your videos. When you get sponsorship you will have to promote a company on your channel. They pay you for these promotions that you do in your videos. Ensure you are dealing with legitimate companies to prevent getting scammed.

SEO Tools

Your performance on Youtube gets better with more visibility. More visibility helps to get a wider reach on Youtube. One of the most effective ways to get increased visibility is by ranking higher in the search results. Youtube does not arbitrarily decide which videos should be at the one and which ones should be at the beach. There is a set of rules that it follows. Consequently, there are methods to get better rankings. This is done by using keywords which is a form of SEO tool. Whatever you write on your videos affects its visibility. This makes the description, title, and other written aspects very important. You have to consciously add keywords to these writeups. Search for keywords that perform well with your videos and use them to get better rankings in the search results.. 

Video chapters

Adding video chapters to your videos is a great way to get popular on Youtube. People on Youtube prefer to watch smaller videos. Adding video chapters can help your audience navigate longer videos. When you add video chapters, your video gets divided into various segments. You can decide the timestamp of each of these segments. When a viewer watches the video they can use the slider to choose among the various divisions you have made. This will help your audience access important parts of your videos faster and create a good user experience.


The methods mentioned above are some of the best methods but it does not stop there. There are numerous other methods that you can try out for your channel. You have to keep working hard on your content along with applying these features to see a positive effect on your account.