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6 Essential Tips for Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

6 Essential Tips for Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

Repairing the foundation of your home is a serious task. Find a quality contractor to complete the job correctly to guarantee the safety of you, your family, and your home. 

Here are 6 essential tips for hiring a foundation repair contractor: 

1. Understand the Basics of Foundation Repair 

Understand the basics of foundation repair to guarantee you locate a quality contractor. If you are unaware of a home’s foundation and potential issues, you’ll be unable to accurately assess whether a contractor is able to solve your problem.

Learn the fundamental steps for building a strong foundation and repairing a foundation, including choosing material, installing footings, sealing footings, curing concrete, and treating the foundation. You don’t need to become an expert in house foundations, but you should work to grasp the overall process. 

Additionally, recognize the general causes of crumbling foundations. Whether it’s water damage, age, or terrain, identify the reason your foundation is failing. If you know the problem impacting your foundation, you’ll be able to find a contractor that specializes in the specific type of repair you need. 

Guarantee you find a quality contractor by understanding the basic process of building a foundation and common reasons for problems. 

2. Confirm Proper Licensing 

Confirm your chosen contractor possesses the proper licensing to successfully repair your home’s foundation. An unqualified foundation repair contractor can result in greater damage, costing you more money. 

Foundation repair contractors are required to meet certain qualifications before receiving a contractor’s license. Depending on the state, qualifications generally include completing different levels of education, work experience, and certification exams. Afterwards, a contractor must apply to officially obtain a license, typically a general contractor’s license and general engineering contractor’s license. 

Licenses are important because they serve as proof of a contractor’s skills, knowledge, and expertise to perform a job.

Guarantee your foundation repair contractor is licensed to receive excellent results. 

3. Verify Insurance

Verify the insurance of your foundation repair contractor to ensure you’re covered. If your contractor lacks insurance and an accident occurs during construction, you could be held liable for damages. 

At a minimum, a foundation repair contractor should carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect their business, employees, and clients from expensive property damage and personal injury. Specifically, the value of a contractor’s insurance should match the value of the work they’ll perform. 

Request to see the necessary documents to prove a contractor’s insurance coverage. 

 6 Essential Tips for Hiring a Foundation Repair Contractor

4. Check a Contractor’s Reputation 

Check the reputation of your foundation repair contractor to ensure you receive quality work and service. 

Evaluating a contractor’s reputation assists in learning whether they’re experienced, trustworthy, agreeable, professional, and much more. Properly determine a contractor’s reputation by:

  • Checking overall ratings 
  • Reading online reviews and testimonials
  • Contacting references
  • Asking family and friends

Discover a top-notch foundation repair contractor by learning about their reputation beforehand. 

5. Establish a Budget

Establish a budget for your home’s foundation repair to make sure you find an affordable contractor. If you fail to set a budget, you’ll spend more money than you’re able on the project by hiring an expensive contractor. 

Understand the average price of a foundation repair to get started. An average foundation repair costs about $4,000, typically ranging between $1,800 and $6,500. However, prices vary greatly depending on the type of repair. For example, a small amount of damage may cost only $500, but a major repair will cost up to $10,000. If you’re aware of the level of damage to your foundation, you’ll be able to set an appropriate budget. 

After you determine the money you’re able to spend, compare rates of foundation repair contractors in your area to find the option that works for you. 

Stay on budget for your home’s foundation repair by understanding the expected expenses and local options available. 

6. Schedule an Inspection 

Schedule an inspection with your preferred foundation repair contractor to finalize the process. 

During an inspection, the contractor will outline the specific problem, average cost, and potential timeline. Be prepared for the inspection to ask about your pressing concerns related to the job and information about a contractor’s qualifications. 

Schedule an inspection with a quality foundation repair company near you to find the right contractor and start construction. 

Find the right foundation repair contractor for the job by following these 6 essential tips for success.