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6 Ways You Can Use A Portable Power Station At Home

Person inserts a plug into a wall outlet

Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Have you been considering what’s the best portable power station to buy? While you’re convinced that you badly need it when you want to go out in the wild to have fun, you think that it’ll be an expensive useless block of brick once you get back home.

It’s understandable to view portable power stations like that. However, know that they’re beneficial even if you’re not planning to step outside your home. How? Here are some ways you can use a portable power station at home:

As a power source when camping or dining in your yard

You don’t need to go to a park or campgrounds to enjoy camping. You can just go into your yard and set up your camp there. If you don’t want to go through the nuisances of camping and still have some lights and a way to recharge your phones or other devices, you can just get your portable power station.

With a portable power station, you don’t need to deal with lengthy power cables and extensions. You can just put the mobile power station beside your tent, and you’re ready to go and have fun. It’s the best portable charger you can wish for.

A steady electricity source for your critical devices

If you have devices that you wouldn’t want to be interrupted during an outage, you can use your portable power station, just like a power bank, as their primary source of power.

Nowadays, most portable power stations can be connected to your home’s power grid to charge while it powers the devices and appliances connected to it.

When the power’s gone, all the devices to your portable power station will still work, and they will be in that state until the charge in your mobile power station runs dry or when your backup generator kicks in. This functionality is often referred to as full-time mode.

As backup power for most of your appliances

If you live in states like Texas or Louisiana, a portable power station will definitely make your life easier. Surely, you’re aware of how frequent power outages happen there, with Texas having 66 and Louisiana having 19 in 2021.

This should come as a no-brainer, but you can use your portable power station at home as a backup power source. When the power’s out, you can just bring it out and power all your devices and appliances until the power goes back on.

If you want it to activate immediately when the power’s out, some models allow you to connect them to your home’s electricity. Once it doesn’t detect any electricity from your home, it’ll immediately start producing or delivering power to all the devices connected to it. This functionality is called outage-only mode.

If your portable power station doesn’t have that functionality, then you’ll need to resort to lifting and carrying it near the appliances you want to power. Of course, you can also use extension cables to make it convenient for you.

 Wall socket

As a handy power source when working in your home

There are times that you would need to work on your house’s electricals, and when you do, shutting off your power box is practically your first step. While you can work with a small flashlight, you might want something brighter and work in the comfort of an electric fan.

That’s an ideal situation when you can use your portable power station. You can just roll it in (if it has wheels) wherever you need to work. It’s convenient if you’re going to fix some wirings in your house’s attic.

As a great tool to reduce your home’s electric bill

You can reduce your power bill by using more power during the night and less energy during the day. Know that daylight electricity is more expensive. The computation behind this isn’t as straightforward as you would think, but know that it’s mainly because of tariffs. However, know that electricity is between 10pm and 8am.

For you to take advantage of that situation, you can use your power station while there’s light outside and charge it during nighttime. For some, this is a complicated setup. However, it’s doable and can bring you some savings, especially if you live alone and work at home.

Maximize your solar panels

Nowadays, most homes have an average of 20 solar panels or 5kw worth of panels. And most probably, you have a solar system setup, too.

One of the most vital components of solar systems at home is batteries. Thankfully, you can easily integrate your portable power station in your solar set up as an additional battery. With them, you can increase your system’s watt-hours and ensure that every last drop of the power your panels generate will be stored and used.


Indeed, the number of ways you can use a portable power station at home is still limited to those mentioned above. However, even if there are only a few of them, they’re critical for your comfort and convenience, especially during emergencies. Imagine living a day or week in your home without electricity. Hopefully, this list has convinced you to invest in a portable power station.