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7 Exceptional Tips To Ensure Consistent Flow Of Hot Water In Your Home

7 Exceptional Tips To Ensure Consistent Flow Of Hot Water In Your Home

Hot water is enjoyable. You feel more relaxed when you shower with hot water than the cold one. For people living in the tropical areas where four seasons are a reality, a cold splash can be the painful winter experience. No one can desire to endure such circumstance. 

However, nothing breaks ones heart like having to wait for hours before hot water starts to flow on your tap or bathroom. It seems as a waste of time and money. The good thing is you can change the situation. You can enjoy consistent and instant flow of hot water on your faucet. Here are some tips to realizing this objective. 

Install a recirculating hot water system

If you have the normal hot water system, you need to water for some time before hot water starts to flow out. What if there was a way to reverse this situation? This would mean that you will enjoy hot water wherever and whenever you want. The good thing is: it is possible to realize such objective.

Installing a recirculating hot water system is the secret. This system creates a loop of hot water. The hot water recirculates through the system. Each time you turn on a faucet, you will enjoy a flow of hot water. So, you will not have to wait for water to heat. You’ll have hot water at every minute you need it.   

Get a point-of-use heater

If the recirculating system is not a good idea, you can consider installing a point-of-use water heater. These heaters are adjacent to the water sources. You fix them next to a faucet on the sink, bathtub, or shower. Though it might sound as a simple thing to do, you will always require some hot water plumbing services. 

A good plumber like WP Plumbing can help you install a point-of-use heater effectively. These heaters enhance your convenience. Also, they are cost-efficient as you do not need to redo your installed plumbing system. 

Again, they reduce the distance the hot water has to cover. You get instant hot water at the use point saving your time and money. So, you can plan to install one in your home if your desire is to enjoy consistent hot water.   

Consider lower temperatures

One of the reasons why you do not enjoy consistent hot water in your house is due to heater breakdown. Your heater might be overworking causing it to explode. The same way, you will always incur high energy bills when you keep your heater running. Despite this aspects, you need to have hot water flowing on your taps and showers.

You can fulfill this goal by lowering the heating temperatures. Many water heaters are set to work up to 140 degrees. You can reduce that to 120 or 100 degrees. Doing this will lengthen the water heater’s life. You will avoid overworking it and ensure consistent flow of hot water. 

 7 Exceptional Tips To Ensure Consistent Flow Of Hot Water In Your Home

Insulate the hot water system pipes

No doubt, the hot water pipes are good conductors of heat. This aspect means that the water loss its hotness as it flows through these pipes. You might receive lukewarm water despite it leaving the heater at high degree. This case will be common when the water have to cover a long distance to reach the point of consumption.

You may not hinder loss of heat completely but you can reduce it. The only way to do this is by insulating the hot water system pipes. Insulation will keep the water hotter up to the use point. 

Also, it will ensure circulation of hot water meaning less consumption of energy by your heater. You can consult a licensed plumber like WP Plumbing Company in case you want to insulate your hot water system pipes.   

Install an insulation bucket

Another way to keep a hot water flow in your pipes is through insulation bucket installation. As you know, water heaters have a metallic tank. This means that water in it keeps losing heat to the environment. The occasion leads to overworking of your heater and high usage of energy.

An insulation bucket is the solution to this issue. This bucket covers your water heater and reduce loss of heat. So, you save on heating time and energy. In essence, this bucket can improve the energy efficiency by up to 45%.  So, it is a nice idea to consider. 

Have an annual inspections of your water heater 

Do you inspect your water heater regularly? Many people – maybe you too included – pay little attention to their water heater. As long as hot water is flowing in their tap, they have no reason for checking it out. 

This error can be a hindrance to enjoying consistent flow of hot water in your home. When your water heater stops working, it might be too late for you to fix the issue. For instance, you might find that the heater has become dysfunctional or even blown out. This situation would call for a replacement. 

If you have no budget for such emergencies, you will have to go for days without hot water. You can avoid such experience by having annual water heater inspections. You can contract a plumber to do the inspection. This way, you will have a go procedure of fixing any issues on the heater before it is too late. 

Hire the right plumber 

The effective of a water heater depends on the plumber who installed it. When you hire a cheap and unskilled plumber, consistent hot water flow will be a mirage. The opposite is also true. A good plumber like WP plumbing will do a perfect and satisfactory job. So, consider working with a licensed and reliable plumber to install your water heating system.

In a word, ensuring a consistent flow of hot water in your home is an ultimate goal. Having hot water in your points of use comes with some relief. However, you need to consider some aspects. Following the above tips will help you realize this objective without any challenges.