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7 Phenomenal Technological Advancements to Devolve Our Classrooms

7 Phenomenal Technological Advancements to Devolve Our Classrooms

Modern technological advancements have aptly invaded every walk of life and contributed to altering the traditional practices into something technological. From carving words on wood to today’s well-equipped era, education has always been our topmost priority. Education unlocked the key to the true potential of human ingenuity. We, humans, crave perfection, and on our road to developing better than the present, we have changed our gigantic world into a global village. Elevating technological advances have pushed education to a whole new level. As most of the students nowadays are well equipped with portable technological devices. Here are a few technological devices that can exceptionally alter the educational field.

Biometric Emotional Recognition Software

In the past, students for their identification had to wear a batch or identity hanging with printed lanyards which mostly university staff tend to buy from 4inlanyards. But with the growing popularity of biometrics, it is also being employed in schools. The biometric attendance system has proved to be highly useful in this regard. As biometric system assists in taking attendance as well as the recognition of students at the school gates. The scientists are motivated to take it to another level. With the use of biometrics, one can also recognize people based on their physical or behavioral traits. With the aid of this science, any student’s physical and emotional disposition can easily be identified. Thus the software can alter the course material based on the biometric system to tailor each student’s needs.

AR Glasses Transfer Education Through Sight

Augmented reality glasses are part of the upcoming automation and are rumored to be on the next Google release list. This gadget can take education to a whole new phase. These are the special sort of glasses via which one can see information superimposed on each other. For its effective use in the educational sector, augmented reality should be highly immersive so that it can blend information with reality.

 7 Phenomenal Technological Advancements to Devolve Our Classrooms

3D Printers Making Education Multidimensional

3D printers are recently trending in the age of education. This gadget provides a multidimensional approach with which a student has theoretical and hand-out exposure to various structures. Nowadays, educators need to foresee the true potential of 3D technology in the classrooms. In the sake of its versatile nature, 3D printing can be a great facilitator who can impart real-world applications in the fields of architecture, mechanical engineering, math, and science, to name a few.

Cloud Computing Replaces Lugging Heavy Textbooks

Cloud computing is a whirring concept trending these days, which will most probably change many aspects of our society, including education. This technology has been employed in China, where 6000 cloud computing terminals were installed across the city of Zhuhai. With this, the homework and your whole book syllabus will be updated on the cloud. 

All you need to access it is an active internet connection. Thus there is no need to carry anything in the school. Also, you can attend the lecture at home—no need to go to the library or bookshops as the digitized library is also accessible from anywhere. With cloud computing technology, the notion of the virtual classroom also seems quite achievable.

 7 Phenomenal Technological Advancements to Devolve Our Classrooms

Flexible OLED Displays in Place of Papers

Note-taking on paper at this age is being replaced by mobile phones and laptop apps as the keypad becomes our key and screens our paper. But there are flexible displays there that even replace phones and tablets. How can a future child reconcile the difference between the pen and the paper with the digitalized education sector? The answer is a flexible OLED display. The display is like a paper you can write on it, folding it like a newspaper and putting it into your pocket. These displays are extremely lightweight, flexible, and utterly thin. These digitalized papers provide great interactivity and are completely durable. With all these features, the paper-centric industries will unambivalently be replaced soon enough.

Multi-touch LCD Screens

We have in the classroom boards being replaced by projectors and then video projectors. We all thought about what we will be in the next phase. So, you all may think of touch keyboards like touch mobiles. The giant touch screen instead of a monotone keyboard can provide great interactivity. In the next generation classes, the desk will be replaced by the touch screens that will be connected to the mainboard screen. Thus the mainboard will be capable of simultaneously detecting multiple touch input from many students. All these students have to do is sit around the table and drag images or gather information from various sources or take notes on their screen. Imagine these touch surfaces being equipped with social networking features; this allows the student to interact with peers around the world. It will unequivocally devolve education to a whole new level.