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Accommodation Tips to Enhance Your Airbnb & Make Your Guests Reviews Shine

Accommodation Tips to Enhance Your Airbnb & Make Your Guests Reviews Shine

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want on your mind is stress or any form of worry whatsoever. Believe it or not, many vacationers report horrific hotel stay experiences. And, nearly all of these could have been avoided if proper management was taken into consideration.

As an Airbnb host, your guests’ reviews are the proof you need to have a quality listing and to continue seeing revenue from your Airbnb rental. 

If you want to see a rise in your Airbnb stats, there are several tweaks you can implement to your property to ensure that your guest reviews will be positive and will keep attracting prospective customers to your Airbnb space.


When it comes to amenities, we’re going to stick to the more cost-effective variety. No need for you to grab a shovel and go dig a hole for a pool. 

Smart Features

Though having a pool is a great amenity for an Airbnb to have, other modern features can make a guest’s stay much more enjoyable. This can be done by implementing smart technology.

Smart features you’ll want to consider are having a smart TV in the main room of your space. This, combined with entertainment apps such as Netflix or HBO Max can greatly enhance the attractive quality of your listing. Additionally, consider a home sound system that a guest can access to use his or her playlist with. 

 Accommodation Tips to Enhance Your Airbnb & Make Your Guests Reviews Shine

For the Kids

Even if you don’t have a smart TV with apps, you can buy a DVD player and have several forms of family entertainment available for your guests. Things such as kid’s movies, board games, and learning toys are great to have for your guests who have young children.

If you have a pool, providing things like pool noodles, floaters, rafts, and goggles are great to have on hand. Additionally, outdoor game equipment such as a soccer ball, a volleyball and net, bicycles, scooters, and the like are great options to add to the amenities section of your listing and will likely attract the interest of a guest intending on traveling with his or her family.


The overall design of your space is sure to either attract or deter potential guests. Nobody wants to stay for a night in a place that looks run down, and a potential customer will be able to see this from the images of your space that you provide. 

Everything from the paint on your exterior to the art hanging on the walls needs to be taken into consideration. 


Color evokes a psychological response in humans, and in many animals that can view a visible color spectrum. 

Remember that most guests want to feel comfortable while they’re away, so loud colors such as bright reds, yellows, and the like can agitate the eye, and may not get you a click from a potential guest. Consider soft, tranquil colors to use when designing or upgrading your space for a much more comforting feel. 

Shades such as pale blues, greens, and soft pastels are largely considered more tranquil colors. Additionally, consider a theme when implementing color schemes. If you live by the coast, coastal colors would not only be more appropriate, they also give a guest the feel of being near the coast, which is what they probably want.

 Accommodation Tips to Enhance Your Airbnb & Make Your Guests Reviews Shine


Art is highly subjective, so what you like might not be what someone else deems as interesting. 

When considering artwork for your Airbnb, take into consideration more universal forms of non-representational art. These come in numerous color schemes and designs and can complement or accent your overall design through color and line. 

You can also work potential themes into the artwork you purchase. If you offer a southwestern ranch-style Airbnb, implement artwork and accessories that reflect a southwestern theme. 

The key is to make your guest’s experience feel like an escape into another world, and one that they will remember and rave about in their reviews. Artwork has this effect, and strategically implementing quality design elements is sure to enhance the value of your listing.

When looking to enhance the value of your space, it is essential to place yourself in the mindset of your guests. These are individuals who are looking to get away from everyday life and be comfortable while they relax… A cold or unappealing place is probably not what they’ll choose.

Essentially, offering everything that you’d want while on vacation would be a great start to enhancing the value of your Airbnb.