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Aesop Homansbyen store by Snøhetta, Oslo

Stephen Citrone

Australian skincare brand Aesop has opened its second Norwegian signature store, in the vibrant retail and residential district of Majorstuen, Oslo. Created in collaboration with integrated design and architecture practice Snøhetta, the space is a handsome complement to its Prinsens Gate sibling, conceived by the firm.

Situated on the ground floor of a functionalist 1940s apartment building, the 63-square meter interior draws inspiration from original details and materiality, imagining them anew. A geometric motif from the existing timber detailing of the host building became the starting point for the design direction.


Drawing inspiration from the woodworking technique intarsia, this motif inspired meticulously crafted three-dimensional oak panels. These bespoke panels clad the wall and counter giving volume and a sense of authenticity and calm. The wooden panels installed above the product shelves feature a custom designed wall lighting fixtures producing a soft glow and enhancing the faceted panels.

The same oak furnishes the ceiling plane, built-in shelving and a perforated dividing wall that reveals glimpses of light from a concealed stairway which has been restored to its original location, leading to the basement level staff and storage area. The use of oak and brass details on the sink creates a warm and calm atmosphere in the store.

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all images by Stephen Citrone © Aesop