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Alfred Street Residence by Studiofour

This one-storey Victorian house in Prahran has been recently redesigned by Australian design practice Studiofour. With strategic replanning of the ground floor, and the addition of a new first floor, the realized design enables more flexibility to adapt each space to suit the ever changing dynamics of family life.

A clear delineation of function on the ground floor is achieved through the insertion of new built forms, both in horizontal and vertical planes. With subtle changes in floor and ceiling levels, and the introduction of new joinery elements and controlled openings, each space becomes further defined.


The interior of the house was given stronger connection to the exterior courtyards through a serious of concealed sliding doors, increasing access to light, fresh air and aspect. While a rear courtyard was connected to the kitchen and was designed for outdoor dining, an interior courtyard provides a Green backdrop and an apparent extension of space to the living room.


Arriving at the house, it is difficult to gain more than a glimpse of the first floor addition through the surrounding urban streetscape. The upper volume is consciously set back from the ornate Victorian chimney, while the fully glazed facade provides a reflective backdrop and contrasts the period roof detailing adjacent.

Throughout the interior a restrained material palette of white with pale timber insertions provides a neutral backdrop for the family’s collection of art, books and objects.

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