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Alphabet Aerobics by Victor Koroma

Victor Koroma

Alphabet Aerobics by Los Angeles-based photographer Victor Koroma is a series that focuses on the idea of creating your own font with a mundane object. His work aims to find the beauty in everyday recognizable objects, transforming them beyond their banality into objects of desire that encourage viewers to think of them in new ways. His work is mixed media photography. It blurs the boundary of what photography is by mixing it with other medium, utilizing elements of paintings, illustrations, and photography.

In his latest work, Alphabet Aerobics, Koroma has recreated the alphabet by articulating rubber bands by hand into letterforms by cutting and reshaping them into calligraphic inspired fonts.

The title of the series is named after a song titled “Alphabet Aerobics” by the American Hip-Hop group Blackalicious. “I wanted the curves and contortions of the rubber bands to mimic and capture the flow of rappers lyrical skills,” says Koroma.

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