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An Ultimate Guide On How to Maintain Windows Winnipeg

How to Take Care of Your Windows Winnipeg

So you bought a new home, or you had a recent replacement of your windows Winnipeg? It was a great idea you have the home of your dream and new windows in your home. Probably you are taking keen interests on the new fixtures, and cleaning them to ensure they look sparkling always. However, as it happens to most of the homeowners, over time our attention to a new home diminishes and stop being concerned more about most home fixtures. That can escalate to severe issues.

If you have Winnipeg windows, it is recommended that you maintain continuous maintenance to prolong the lifespan of its parts including frames and panes. So how do you make sure this is achieved? There are a variety of things you can opt for to maintain your windows Winnipeg looking attractive and functioning as expected for an extended period. Take a look.

  1. Check The Rubber Seals

One important thing in your windows Winnipeg that requires regular checking is your rubber seals.

Rubber seals usually hold the glass in the frame of the window and keep the seal between the glass and the frame. The seals should fit well with the frame and the panes, with no space left to allow air penetration.

Since rubber is a natural product, you will realize that it degrades over time. The degradation is often accelerated by long time exposure on sunlight. With time the rubber becomes weak and starts to flake off loosening the seal between the windows panes and its frame. So experts advise you to inspect the rubber seals at least every two or three months to ensure they are in good form and have been affected by UV light. To keep them in right conditions, use detergent and wipe down and then dry them using a paper towel.

 How to Take Care of Your Windows Winnipeg

  1. Check Moisture Build-Up

This can be a severe problem for your windows Winnipeg if it is not detected and corrected. Most windows come with two glass panes which are sandwiched together leaving a space between them which is then filled with argon gas for enhanced insulation. As the windows age over time, the seal between the two glass panes may be compromised and therefore allow moisture in. If you notice water droplets inside the window know there is moisture starting to build up.

Checking for moisture build-up should be the main task of your windows and doors Winnipeg maintenance routine. If it is identified earlier, you can repair the window or do full window replacement.

  1. Replace Weather-Stripping

Just as the rubber seal, this is another important aspect of your windows Winnipeg which requires regular inspection.

It is made of silicone or rubber and plays an essential role in protecting water from entering the interior of your home together with enhancing the air seal between the frame and the window.

Check it every two to three months for any tear and wear. Wipe it to eliminate any build-up of mould or debris.

Finally, check your latches and locks to ensure they are in good condition. However, note that not all issues you can handle. Always insist on calling a professional window and doors Winnipeg installer to handle some of the work for you.