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Apartment in Nice by YoDezeen


Kiev-based architecture studio YoDezeen designed this extremely chic and modern 180 sqm apartment located right in the centre of Nice, France. The design team decided to install modern interiors in an 18th century home, mixing different styles and trends. Scandinavian style, for example, was recreated through the bright color palette and minimal details.

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Scandinavians don’t hesitate to use from time to time bright accents so there you see a big yellow square splash right on the wall in the living. Carved white wood boiserie panels surround a trendy modular sofa by Bonaldo. The combination of matte textures mainly used for finishing are mixed up with volume carpet and glazed marble coffee table. The kitchen is also the place where the centuries are mixed together – here a classical kitchen table meets iconic polycarbonate transparent chairs as a symbol of contemporary.

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all images courtesy of YoDezeen