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Apartment in Sagami-ohno by MAMM Design

Takumi Ota

Tokyo-based studio MAMM Design has refurbished the interior of this 30-year-old apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo for a family of three ladies, a mother and two daughters.  Removing most of the existing partitions to create more fluid spaces, the designers added three gently curving walls to conceived a new family dining room in the heart of the home.

The walls create a variety of spaces for each family keeping privacy. At the same time, openings on the walls connects the spaces and the family each other. The separation and the connection are not static. When one of the family is walking in the apartment, relationships between spaces and family are being changed every moment. At the night, ceiling reflecting lights from the top of the walls accentuate the curving walls.

 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-2 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-3 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-4 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-5 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-6 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-7 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-8 apartment-in-sagami-ohno-by-mamm-design-tokyo-japan-9

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