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Apartment in Milan by Gabriele Cascone

Marco Reggi

Swiss architect Gabriele Cascone has recently completed this sleek apartment in Milan,  focusing on the customization of every element through the work of cherished craftsmen. The project is an example of tailor-made architecture. It is an open space that integrates itself by means of an island in iron, wood and cleverly worked brass. The solid wooden furniture is located on the east wall to provide the ‘night area’ with enough space for a library. Custom-made brass, wood and glass elements have been fitted in the bathroom. The same applies to the towel rail, which is made of reused iron and carefully painted in different shades.

The distinctive trait of this project was the search for something special and exclusive, made by master craftsmen. The client did not have the time to follow the works and so needed someone who would oversee every single aspect of the project including administrative aspects and furnishings for the apartment as well as accessories used strictly on a daily basis.

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all images © Marco Reggi