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Bang & Olufsen introduces all new BeoPlay H8 wireless headphones

Bang & Olufsen introduces the all new BeoPlay H8 wireless headphones. For a long time wireless headphones with Active Noise Cancellation have been big, clumsy and short of battery lifetime. For the first time Danish design and sound aficionado, B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen lets you enjoy true wireless freedom with an innovative aluminium touch interface, active noise cancellation and up to 14 hours of battery lifetime all wrapped in a sleek, lightweight design.


With simple intuitive gestures on the innovative aluminium clad ear cup, you have complete control over the headphone. Just tap and swipe to do whatever commands needed whether it is answering calls, volume control, track selection or activating the Active Noise Cancellation. Even if you turn the Active Noise Cancellation on or off because of the surrounding noise or you choose to wear your BeoPlay H8 wireless for more freedom or with a cable to save the battery the sound is crisp, clean and fuelled by a passion that will have you discover all the fine details your music has to offer.


BeoPlay H8 is designed by the award-winning Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner. Available in Gray Hazel and Argilla Bright colors and crafted from premium materials such as anodised aluminium, cowhide leather and smooth lambskin BeoPlay H8 is a headphone that will patinate with beauty and have people turn their heads.

 4-bang-olufsen-introduces-all-new-beoplay-h8-wireless-headphones 5-bang-olufsen-introduces-all-new-beoplay-h8-wireless-headphones

all images courtesy of BANG & OLUFSEN