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5 Things That Take A Bathroom Renovation To The Next Level

5 Things That Take A Bathroom Renovation To The Next Level

Studio Ben Allen

A bathroom renovation can be costly, so you want to make sure it’s worth your while (and money). There are a few areas to focus on to make sure that your bathroom looks brand new and better than ever. Here are five things that will take your bathroom to the next level during your renovation.


Statement bathtubs can instantly make a bathroom look elegant and classy. If there is enough space to work with, they always look best when featured in the center of the room rather than stuck in a corner. 

Freestanding and island baths can make you feel like you’re in a resort. If you’re working with limited space, you can also opt for a back-to-the-wall freestanding bath. If you want your tub to last, steel is a highly durable and scratch-resistant material to go for.

 5 Things That Take A Bathroom Renovation To The Next Level


Lighting sets the mood of any room, so it’s important to get this right and avoid any bad fluorescent lights. Bathrooms need a combination of both task and ambient lighting. Particularly over the vanity, it’s important to have task lighting so as not to cast any shadows on your face. The fixtures are also perfect for creating a chic vibe and bringing together the style and look you’re going for in the bathroom.


The right tiling can make your bathroom look incredibly luxurious. Even if it’s only the shower area or a wall accent, it’s worth spending money on tiles for the huge transformation they can bring to your bathroom.

If you get this look right, it will really add value to your home. Habito.com has a calculator that can be used to find out just how much our property is worth. They’re an easy, fast and free to use mortgage broker service that can help you with remortgaging.

 5 Things That Take A Bathroom Renovation To The Next Level


Having enough storage is an underrated aspect of any bathroom. When there’s plenty of room to put things away, the space can shine and the entire look and feel is improved. On the other hand, when all of your toiletries and products are out on the countertop, it can all look too cluttered and unattractive. To make sure you have an organized bathroom, prioritize cabinets and shelving units.


A coat of paint is always perfect for transforming any room, and bathrooms are no exception if you want to up-level. It’s not just about the colors, though.

If you’re new to home renovation, you may be surprised to know that there’s a specific type of paint you should use in the bathroom. It’s waterproof and more resistant to mildew compared to other paints you’d use throughout your house. Opt for this bathroom-specific paint for more durable walls.

 5 Things That Take A Bathroom Renovation To The Next Level