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Being Handy: 5 Common Home Troubles That You Need to Fix ASAP

Being Handy: 5 Common Home Troubles That You Need to Fix ASAP

Every homeowner desires for a home that will last long until the next generation of the family comes. That’s why a lot of them perform regular maintenance and inspections. But sometimes, it’s inevitable that they tend to discover some things that need fixing. You might encounter these in your own house, too!

It is crucial for you to learn how to deal with these repairs if you want your home to always be in good condition. As a starter pack, you may know these five significant home repairs that have to be done in your own house.

Damaged Hot Water Systems

Continuous service on our hot water system preserves its life and longevity. However, the time will come that it will be old enough to function anymore and finally become dysfunctional. At this point, we need to replace hot water system in our home if it’s in need of repairs.

Usually, a hot water system lasts between eight to twelve years. If it’s starting to consistently cease you for giving enough hot temperature and is becoming noisy by hissing during that span of age, it means that the water system is failing and might end its life soon. Consult a professional plumber to identify if it can still be repaired or already need for any replacement.

Other signs of an aging hot water system are leaks and corrosion on the fittings. You have to recheck for these symptoms. If those are starting to emerge, you can search on how to fix those on your own. But for a fully established repair, consider having a plumbing service.

Ceiling and Window Water Leak

Water leaks may come from your ceiling and window frames. This might be a small problem, but this is certainly not healthy for your house’s health and longevity. The water can destroy the materials made of wood, drywalls, floorings, and other surfaces of your property that can lead to your house’s structural failure.

Some indications of water leaks are stains. The stains are located on the roof, top or bottom of the window frames, or even your walls. This is where the water runs during the leakage, making the stains visible enough. Broken sealants are also determinants for leaks.

Although this problem can easily be repaired, the problem can still get more complicated, depending on the water leak’s severity and harshness. If the water intrusion gets worse, you might consider replacing your window. Call a window professional for the leaking window and plumber for the leaking roof.

 Being Handy: 5 Common Home Troubles That You Need to Fix ASAP

Clogged Toilet

One of the most annoying problems you might encounter in your house is a clogged toilet. Although this is a common thing for the homeowners, you know that it must be repaired ASAP before anyone in your house gets called by mother nature. Your adorable house can turn into a disaster if these problems won’t be fixed right away.

To fix a clogged toilet, you can use a plunger while ensuring there’s enough water in the bowl. Most of the time, a clog can be a semi-solid thing that prevents water from passing. You can safely dislodge or break up that clog using a stick or a wire hanger.  

Bugs and Rodents

Aside from stress, you can also get disease and life-threatening illnesses from pests. Getting them rid off is annoying, knowing that they can be anywhere. The presence of bugs and rodents are the result of inadequate cleaning that makes the house dirty. Remember, everyone inside your home has to be responsible for making your house neat and clean.

The most convenient way to perform pest control is to be sure that the infestation is being taken care of. In cases where pests are encroaching on your homes and they’re dangerously multiplying, you can hire extermination specialists.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal unit is an electronic device with sharp blades, and placed in the sink. That’s why it’s a bit dangerous to fix once it gets jammed. Always be cautious when repairing it. Always be reminded that you need to cut the power to the disposal unit before repairing it.

To start repairing your garbage disposal unit, use a wrench to carefully remove the cover underneath the sink. Check the overload protector at the bottom of the sink. While you’re at it, try inspecting the grinding chamber of the unit. If you see anything that’s stuck to the blades, use tongs or pliers to remove the obstruction. 


Being handy around the house is a big advantage. Aside from saving up on repairs that you could do by yourself, you get to inspect your place more. You can also rack up enough knowledge on things that people don’t normally bother knowing about. The problems mentioned above, are some of the most common problems a homeowner can encounter. 

If left for worse, these problems can develop into bigger problems which can be very costly. It can also be a hazard for everyone that’s living in the house. Don’t wait and solve these problems asap.