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Bike Lift&Carry by Mukomelov

Mukomelov‘s Bike Lift&Carry is created for the city dwellers and allows to easily lift and to comfortably move bicycles or e-bikes up and down the stairs, uphill or downhill, in and out of the subway. The practicality and comfort of Bike Lift&Carry is rather obvious- just think of how easier it is to carry a large and heavy bag using a shoulder strap instead of dragging it by the handles.

Many riders carry their bikes by putting the top tube on their shoulder. It’s possible with lighter bikes and yet requires rather strong arms- to lift the bike first and then to put it back down. Also, this method puts the elbow, arm and wrist in a very unnatural and uncomfortable position.


Bike Lift&Carry is designed for city commuters and makes lifting and carrying your bike feel much easier and more comfortable. It allows you to carry your bike while having one (or even two!) hand free which simplifies opening doors to your house or office and otherwise maneuvering. The strap is wide and sits comfortably on your shoulder.

Bike Lift&Carry is ready to use and is put away in seconds, fits almost all seat post tubes, can hold the heaviest bikes and will be available in multiple color combinations to match your bike style.

 3-bike-lift-carry-by-mukomelov 4-bike-lift-carry-by-mukomelov 5-bike-lift-carry-by-mukomelov

all images © VERA UZNICHENKO