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Brighten A Dark House Through Decorative Changes

Brighten A Dark House Through Decorative Changes

There are so many things that you can do to make your house the coziest place in the world. If it still feels like you are living in the dark cave, consider brightening your rooms!

No need to break down the walls or install new windows in order to enjoy the sunlight! All you have to do is to use small decorative tricks! 

Here is what you need to do to lighten up a gloomy space in your house once and for all:

Make it white

If you want to scatter light in your room, consider using lots of white. It doesn’t mean that all your furniture should be white. People with small kids and playful pets can take a collective deep breath! To brighten a dark room, all you need is to paint your ceiling and walls white. 

However, if you are a big fan of this color, don’t limit yourself to the white walls only! You can also add white curtains, framers, and pieces of furniture. 

Buy new light bulbs

The solution to your problem is easier than you thought! It’s time to update your current light bulbs. Consider choosing the ones that can have a ‘daylight’ tone. The thing is that yellow, warm light can help you to create a truly intimate, beautiful atmosphere. If you want your room to have a fresh look, get a white bulb. 

Choose the right elements

Experts at Renovator Store recommend including furniture made of pale woods in order to lighten up your space. Consider getting rid of large, black pieces of furniture. 

If you have some rooms without windows (for instance, corridors), add rugs that can incorporate off-light for lightness. The thing is that laminate floors and dark hardwood can drain the light. That’s why a bright color rug is a perfect solution! 

Other than that, you can also add more green plans to liven up your house. There are a lot of plants that can grow without sunlight. For instance, you can get dracaena, bromeliads, maidenhair fern, parlor palm, or umbrella papyrus (palm). 

 Brighten A Dark House Through Decorative Changes

Use mirrors 

To brighten a dark room and make it look a bit bigger, add extra mirrors! If it’s possible, place a mirror opposite a window so that it can reflect the natural light. However, you should know that mirrors can do its job wherever they are placed – on bookcases or above the couches. In any case, they will look like little windows and maximize the space of the room. 

Declutter your room

Maybe the reason for the darkness in your room is the number of unnecessary furniture. If you choose a minimalist design trend and get rid of things you don’t need, you will be able to increase natural light in your house. Another important thing is to keep heavy objects away from the windows. 

Install glass blocks

In case you want to bring more light into the bathroom or kitchen, you may need to consider glass blocks. It will not only help you to solve a problem with darkness, but it will also help you to create an amazing retro design. 

This kind of contemporary look is popular again! New designs can also offer unique color shadings and textures that can match the overall design of your house. 

 Brighten A Dark House Through Decorative Changes

Add skylights

These days, you can find skylights in all sizes, colors, and configurations! Designers recommend using them in high-traffic spaces such as living rooms and bathrooms. 

It is a perfect solution for house-owners who want to have their own ‘light magnet’. The only problem is that you will have to hire a professional in order to install a skylight. Installation requires cutting a hole in the roof. 

Another cool thing about having a skylight in your room is that it allows you to see a full moon!

Use reflective backsplash tiles

If you need to brighten your bathroom or kitchen, you should definitely use backsplashes. They are not only super trendy in the home design now, but they can also resist mold and stains. 

Consider getting glass tiles to the kitchen and bathroom since they are more environmentally friendly and easier to clean. 

The bottom line

If your house is too dark, consider using decorative tricks written above. To get more natural light, you can paint the ceiling and walls white, get rid of unnecessary furniture, use more mirrors, and add skylights. Be creative to achieve the effect you want!