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BUBBLE&STITCH 24/7 Laundry in Amsterdam by BURO NANA


Bubble&Stitch is a new 24/7 open smart laundry space in Amsterdam that uses an app and a high tech locker system to allow users to drop off and pick up their clothes at any time of the day or night. Local practice BURO NANA took care of the whole brand and retail redesign of this store at Overtoom 438. This American concept has already been put into practice across the USA and some European countries, and is opening for the first time in the Netherlands.

After registering online and downloading the application, the customer can simply use the service 24/7 to drop off laundry in one of the available clean boxes. A notification is given when the order is ready for collection. Services include dry cleaning, ironing and small repairs. With a fresh colour palette, a grid of vintage hanging ball lamps, and bold simple typography, the space retains a welcoming soft feeling reminiscent of vintage American launderette spaces.

 2-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana 3-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana 4-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana 5-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana 6-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana 7-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana 8-bubblestitch-247-laundry-in-amsterdam-by-buro-nana

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