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Buildings Of Fortune

Buildings Of Fortune

Casinos always have been exciting looking buildings. Since the dawn of the first legal casino, the architecture always has been amazing. The most important aspect of casinos is the architecture. There goes an intense level of psychology in designing a casino. Back in the days, casinos were smokey and dark places. Casinos had a bad image and were not a fun night out. By now, most casinos have incredible designs filled with artificial light.


In the past casinos didn’t have any windows, giving the visitors a cave liking feeling. The reason behind a windowless design was, that the guest didn’t know the difference between night and day. This way people didn’t know how late it was getting.

No windows combined with the absence of clocks made the visitors spent more time inside the casinos. Recently the famous casino-designer Roger Thomas designed the Las Vegas Wynn Resorts casinos. These casinos had natural sunlight coming in and there were skylights and clocks hanging in the casino. This way he turned his back against the idea that casinos only should be timeless spaces. 

 Buildings Of Fortune

Interior design

Also the interior design has changed over the years. In the past, the idea was that there should be a maze-like design. Again the psychology was to keep the player inside as long as possible. If there were machines and games surrounding the players like a maze, they would be seduced to play more games. However, the idea that casinos should suck the visitors in and trap them like a maze became unpopular over the years. Nowadays most casinos don’t use maze designing anymore. Also the low ceilings that were used in the past are often replaced with high ceilings. This way the players are more comfortable in their surroundings and feel at their ease.

Even though many things have changed throughout the years, some things are still the same. Just like the grocery stores that place impulse items right before the counter, casinos also try to lure players to the machines or tables. The trick is to have the discipline to agree upon a budget before you enter such a beautiful building!