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Camper store Milan by Marko Brajovic

Zeno Zotti

Brazilian architect Marko Brajovic has filled the new Camper store in Milan with thousands of red shoelaces attached on the undulating ceiling.

“The idea of a ‘hybrid’ is ever present in the works of our eclectic and multidisciplinary studio,” explains Marko Brajovic. “The same concept runs through all environments, formats and aesthetics that take their form in staging, interior design and product design. What we enjoy most is designing multi-sensory and narrative surroundings.”

For the study project with Camper, the studio was inspired by behaviours in Brazilian popular Brazilian folk festivals, where environments are created with thick layers formed by strips of colour. The design team recreated this in store, using shoe laces to change the space into a sensory and scenic experience, where each day the visitors become the actors.

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all images © Zeno Zotti