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Chocolate Lego Bricks by Akihito Mizuuchi 

Illustrator and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has designed a modular system for creating edible chocolate LEGO bricks. Chocolate is first poured into precisely designed moulds and then, once cooled,  the chocolate bricks can be popped out and used as regular LEGOs. Mizuuchi’s mold is so detailed it even imprints the LEGO logo on the top of each raised cylinder. Unlike other attempts to create candy LEGOs, Mizuuchi mold doesn’t just simulate the iconic convex cylinders atop each LEGO block, but also the hollow underside with minurature support beams to hold the blocks together.

 2-chocolate-lego-bricks-by-akihito-mizuuchi 3-chocolate-lego-bricks-by-akihito-mizuuchi 4-chocolate-lego-bricks-by-akihito-mizuuchi 5-chocolate-lego-bricks-by-akihito-mizuuchi 6-chocolate-lego-bricks-by-akihito-mizuuchi

all images courtesy of AKIHIRO MIZUUCHI | via colossal