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Contemporary Pendant Lights for a Modern Home Decor

Contemporary Pendant Lights for a Modern Home Decor


Simple and classic or unique and alternative, contemporary pendant lights are perfect in every space of your house. Giving a diffused and vibrant light to the entire room, they can be used everywhere from hallways to kitchens, from bedrooms to lounge rooms. Here is how to choose them to craft a dazzling style. 

The general image of a pendant light is quite simple: a single lightbulb dropping from the ceiling, maybe encapsulated in a lampshade. Yet new and contemporary models are more vibrant, original and sometimes real pieces of art. 

Where and how to use contemporary pendant lighting

This particular type of light fixture can be used in different ways based on the room you need to illuminate. A kitchen island, for instance, will be perfectly lightened up with a series of pendant lights. Be sure to create the right intensity for the entire room to be illuminated: you are going to use this space as your culinary experiments’ lab!

At the same time, a single and simple modern pendant light is perfect to highlight a precise spot in the living room such as the reading armchair or a cozy binge-watching space. You can also use contemporary pendant lights to create a romantic atmosphere in a large location: arrange different sizes and styles to create a personalized lighting design. 

In a modern home, the hallway or the stair stairwell becomes a piece of statement too. Line up a series of pendant lights to welcome your guests in the very first space they will see entering your house. 

 Contemporary Pendant Lights for a Modern Home Decor

Play with shapes, colors and materials

A contemporary pendant light design can add a completely new vibe to a room. Just changing the chandelier is enough to renovate the space with little money and a great effect. Choose a style and decide if you want it to compliment the home decor or stand out from it in its own glory. 

For instance, try adding a drop of color to a neutral-tone room. A bright spot of blue, red or green will immediately make the space feel new and modern. Otherwise, go for the vintage route: rough textiles and floral patterns are in style in this cottagecore-crazy years. Same goes with industrial design, simple yet eye-catching shapes trapped in bronze wires or glass jars. 

If you love the minimalist style, your choice is much easier. Geometrical shapes and basic nuances are going to compliment an all-white kitchen or living room. At last, large and fluffy shapes are perfect to fill a large room up. An open space living room or a double bedroom will feel dreamy and whimsical with a cloud-like chandelier or other magical design of contemporary pendant lights. 

Where to put the pendant light

Remember position is key when it comes to lighting design. It can dramatically change the vibe of a room with a diffused light or a mysterious and playful shadow display. In this regard, choose your lightbulb carefully. A led integrated light will be more luminous and less energy-consuming. 

Also, a led dimmable light is the perfect option for a multifuncional space. You can dim or intensify the light depending on the mood and use of the room and always have the perfect atmosphere.