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De Vorm AK 2 Workspace Divider Lamp

De Vorm

Conceived by Ivan Kasner and Uli Budde for Dutch company De Vorm, AK 2 is a workspace divider lamp specifically designed for reading tables, shared workspaces and open offices. Hanging from the ceiling on thin cords, the versatile lamp shines light on both sides, creating a separate workspace on each side of the divider.

The lamp uses PET felt made from recycled PET bottles. The material is soft, yet a strong durable fabric which is UV stabilized and contains excellent sound absorbing qualities. The internal acoustic foam acts as a sound dampener, helping to minimise acoustic reverberation and create a quieter and more private area for workers. By placing several lamps alongside each other, the acoustic effect can be increased. Head over to De Vorm‘s official website to learn more about the AK 2 Workspace Divider Lamp.

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all images courtesy of De Vorm