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Design Ideas and Features to Personalise Your Fibreglass Pool

New modern fiberglass plastic swimming pool entrance step

Swimming pools have long been regarded as symbols of luxury and relaxation, providing a refreshing oasis in the comfort of your own backyard. While traditional pools offer a sense of tranquillity, a fibreglass pool has the potential to elevate your outdoor space to an entirely new level of aesthetic appeal. By incorporating unique design ideas and features, such as mosaic tiling or a cascading waterfall, you can create a personalised oasis that reflects your individual style and enhances the overall ambiance of your backyard. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or entertain guests with a stunning focal point, a fibreglass pool offers endless possibilities for creating a truly remarkable outdoor retreat.

Why Choose Fibreglass?

Unlike traditional concrete pools, fibreglass pools offer a truly unique combination of flexibility, resilience, and extraordinary longevity. The innovative design and durable construction of fibreglass pools ensure they can stand the test of time, providing an exceptional swimming experience for years to come. With their smooth and non-porous surface, fibreglass pools require minimal maintenance, allowing homeowners to spend more time enjoying their aquatic oasis. Whether it’s soaking up the sun on a lazy summer afternoon or hosting memorable poolside gatherings, fibreglass pools are the perfect hassle-free and long-lasting solution for your aquatic enjoyment. So dive in and create lasting memories in your very own fibreglass pool!

Design Ideas

Shape and Size

The shape and size of the swimming pools gold coast can have a profound impact on the overall aesthetics of your outdoor oasis. Opt for a timeless rectangular design to exude elegance and sophistication, or go for a modern touch with free-form shapes that add an artistic flair. If space is a constraint, you might want to consider a spool – a unique combination of a spa and pool that maximises relaxation and functionality in a compact area. With these options, you can create a pool that perfectly complements your personal style and enhances the beauty of your surroundings.


Colours greatly enhance the aesthetics of our surroundings and influence the perception of water. Lighter shades create a vibrant and refreshing ambiance, while pastel hues evoke serenity. Darker, richer hues add grandeur and luxury. These captivating colours visually stimulate and evoke emotions, transforming spaces and leaving lasting impressions.


By incorporating LED lights, you can effortlessly create a truly magical and enchanting ambiance in any space. Imagine being greeted by a soft and warm glow that wraps you in a cosy embrace, or immersing yourself in a vibrant and colourful atmosphere that sparks joy and creativity. With endless options to choose from, you can select single or multi-coloured lights that perfectly match your preference and style, allowing you to curate a personalised and captivating environment. So go ahead and embark on a transformative journey, turning your space into a mesmerising wonderland that captivates the senses and leaves a lasting impression. Let the enchanting beauty of LED lights illuminate your world like never before.

New modern fiberglass plastic swimming pool entrance step

Features to Personalise

Water Features

Water features, like cascading waterfalls, powerful jets, and playful bubblers, add a captivating and dynamic element to the pool. They create a serene and luxurious ambiance, reminiscent of a tropical resort. The soothing sounds and mesmerising sights of flowing water bring tranquillity, turning your pool into a blissful oasis. Imagine the gentle cascade of water, glistening in the sunlight, as it weaves down the rocks, creating a symphony of nature’s melody. Picture the playful dance of water jets, shooting up from the pool’s surface, creating a refreshing mist. Feel the enchanting allure of bubblers, playfully releasing streams of water, inviting you to dip your fingers and feel the coolness on your skin. These exquisite water features enhance the aesthetics and elevate the overall experience, creating a true sanctuary of aquatic bliss. Whether swimming, immersing yourself, or lounging by the poolside, the captivating water features enhance every moment, enveloping you in beauty, tranquillity, and relaxation.

Pool Heating

A heating system is a fantastic addition to your pool, enabling you to enjoy it throughout the year, regardless of the season. Whether you opt for solar pool heaters or heat pumps, both options offer exceptional benefits. Solar pool heaters utilise the power of the sun to provide warmth, reducing your carbon footprint and making them an environmentally friendly choice. On the other hand, heat pumps utilise advanced technology to efficiently transfer heat, ensuring energy efficiency while keeping your pool water at the perfect temperature. By investing in a reliable heating system, you not only extend your swimming season but also experience endless comfort and relaxation. So go ahead, dive into the crystal-clear water, and indulge in the pleasure of year-round pool enjoyment!


Enhancing the pool area with thoughtfully designed landscaping is a fantastic way to add a personal touch and elevate its aesthetic appeal. Imagine creating a serene oasis by carefully selecting and arranging lush tropical plants, each chosen for their vibrant colours and unique textures. Picture how the pool is surrounded by a variety of palm trees, their graceful fronds swaying gently in the breeze, creating a soothing backdrop. To further enhance the ambience, consider the warm tones and natural beauty of timber decking, providing a comfortable and elegant area for relaxation. Alternatively, opt for the sophistication of stone paving, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the poolside area. With this carefully crafted combination of elements, your pool will be transformed into a tranquil retreat, reminiscent of a luxurious resort, inviting you to unwind and enjoy moments of pure bliss.

In-Pool Seating

In-pool seating, such as plush benches or elegant swim-up bars, provides a delightful and inviting space for relaxation and socialisation right within the pool. Imagine sinking into the comfortable cushions, feeling the cool water against your skin, as you sip on a perfectly crafted cocktail or enjoy a refreshing mocktail. It’s the epitome of luxury and convenience, creating an oasis of leisure and enjoyment where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life and indulge in pure bliss.

To sum up, a fibreglass pool offers plenty of opportunities to customise and enhance your backyard. Incorporate design ideas like mosaic tiles, water features, and underwater LED lighting to transform the pool into a personal oasis that reflects your style. Picture yourself relaxing by the poolside, surrounded by the soothing sound of a waterfall and the mesmerising glow of underwater lights.

Also, ensure that the pool’s design blends seamlessly with your home and landscape. Choose a pool shape, size, and colour that complement your house’s architecture and outdoor elements. Attention to these details will create a visually appealing environment.

If you feel overwhelmed by design decisions, consult your local pool builder. Their expertise can guide you through options and create a personalised outdoor haven for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Don’t wait, start planning your dream oasis today and turn your backyard into a haven of relaxation and beauty.

Image courtesy of Kirill Gorlov