French champaign brand, Dom Pérignon has teamed up with Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka to realize a special edition of its renowned vintage 2009 champagne. Inspired by the famous words of Dom Pérignon himself – ‘I’m drinking stars!’ –  Tokujin Yoshioka presents “Prism”, an homage to a champagne of living light that explodes into infinite colors and triggers waves of unique emotion.

 Dom Pérignon x Tokujin Yoshioka

Using light as both a material and a medium, Tokujin Yoshioka, whose unique style of creation is best characterized by its luminous nature and breathtaking purity, worked with his signature crystal prisms to project a vibrant spectrum reminiscent of the sun that gave the wine its rich yet elegant complexity.

 Dom Pérignon x Tokujin Yoshioka

Tokujin has reinterpreted the iconic brand’s shield label into a three-dimensional hologram that sparkles with iridescent color. In addition to the Dom Pérignon Vintage bottle design, Yoshioka also created the ‘Prism’, handcrafted by esteemed glassware manufacturer by Baccarat, that encloses the bottle inside a block of three crystals. The light that passes through the transparent prism hits the bottle surface which reflects light and brings the art piece to life in a spectrum of colors.

 Dom Pérignon x Tokujin Yoshioka Dom Pérignon x Tokujin Yoshioka

all images courtesy of Dom Pérignon