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Double Hung versus Single Hung Window

Double Hung versus Single Hung Window

Double and single-hung windows have been leaders on the market for years. Let’s get to know more about their benefits and differences.

What to choose?

Windows double hung vs single hung: what to choose? We’ll try to make it more understandable for you. This type of glazing was originally used in the UK. Gradually, with the conquest of new lands, products of these types became popular overseas – in America and Australia.

Previously, wood was used for production, now mostly a plastic or aluminum profile is used for the manufacture of frames, and double glazing is installed. The glazing of vertically sliding structures is reliable, resistant to wind gusts, and serves as an unusual addition to the architecture of the building. For products in this style, the following is also characteristic:

  • absence of dead zones during ventilation;
  • the ability to use the entire area of ​​the sill;
  • a high degree of protection against intrusion and opening of the doors by children;
  • attractive appearance and significant space savings;
  • thanks to the firm fixation of the sash, it is possible to regulate the amount of fresh air entering the room during ventilation. The use of plastic profiles makes vertical sliding products more functional;
  • they reliably protect against cold air masses and extraneous noise, are easy to clean from dirt and are designed for long service life.


Both a double and single hung vinyl window will look great in any interior. Such products look harmoniously with both classic-style interiors and modern furnishings. Installation of such products makes it easy for you to create comfortable conditions in the room.

Double Hung versus Single Hung Window


Parts of a single hung window are different, and the system of gliding is one of the most important parts.

Vertical products are available in two versions. The single hung windows, in which only one sash is movable, is the first one. When opened, it moves somewhat towards the main one. Speaking about double hung modification, in it both sashes are movable. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but both are equally convenient and reliable.

So, the main difference between double hung and single hung window is the possibility to move either one or two parts.

In the classic design, these products are made from natural wood. At the same time, as we have mentioned, plastic analogs of the original designs have also become widespread in our market. Modern products provide:

  • a high level of heat and sound insulation, provided by the use of a special filler instead of a metal profile; 
  • independent mobile sashes that can be easily fixed in any position and are additionally equipped with a hinged opening system; 
  • the possibility of dismantling the sashes;
  • products of this type are easy to use. It is possible to fold them inside the room, which makes easy washing and maintenance possible.

The absence of protruding handles on the sash saves space and also allows you to use all types of rods and sun protection mechanisms at any distance. This gives additional space for your imagination. Instead of traditional handles, pressure locks are used here. They allow the implementation of all the necessary manipulations: one can open, close windows without any extra effort.