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Drilling Lab Jewelleries inspired by machining aesthetics

Drilling Lab Jewelleries

Drilling Lab

While the world is either celebrating digital technology or boasting the art of craftsmanship, the value of the machining fabrication seems to be understated. Growing up in Taiwan, a country priding on its manufacturing industry, Luwei Chen the designer of Drilling Lab is committed to reviving the spirit behind machining fabrication – concise, reliable, modest yet essential – in the form of minimalist jewelleries and accessories with an industrial aesthetics.

 Drilling Lab Jewelleries

In its first collection Clamp, Drilling Lab explores the construction of this industrial parts in the form of rings, bracelets and earrings. One could assemble or disassemble the ring with the screw and hex key enclosed, which reveals the vitality and aesthetics of factories and machining techniques in a playful approach.

 Drilling Lab Jewelleries

Drilling Lab keeps playing with the structure of machineries and components, which made up the major property of its second collection Anonymous. With “form follows function” principle at the core of its design, the minimalism is not about aesthetics; rather its no more than an according circumstance to the production conditions, and the sturdy properties, rugged texture and the minimal shape of the jewelleries appear to be just natural.

 Drilling Lab Jewelleries

While jewelries and accessories are usually considered as complementary ornaments, Drilling Lab shifts the focus from the aesthetics of the form back to the purpose of existence, and intents to make their presence fundamental yet interesting enough to be a native component of the body. It echoes the designer’s intent of creating something genuine and simply lasts. The beauty thus comes from this forthright, pragmatic and honest attitude, making the jewelleries great statement pieces of one’s identity.

Drilling Lab’s collection is available for purchase online at drillinglab.com.

 Drilling Lab Jewelleries Drilling Lab Jewelleries Drilling Lab Jewelleries Drilling Lab Jewelleries Drilling Lab Jewelleries Drilling Lab Jewelleries

all images courtesy of Drilling Lab