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Edmir Sokoli Shares the Importance of Construction Project Management

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Without construction project management, it would not be possible to create new buildings and renovate existing structures. Construction projects need to be actively managed to produce the best and safest results.

Edmir Sokoli, a Construction Project Manager from Bloomfield, New Jersey, explains the importance of construction project management in today’s industrial and commercial landscape.

What is Construction Project Management?

Construction Project Management involves managing all parts of a project, from the planning stages to the budget process, and putting plans into action. Construction managers are responsible for how their projects turn out. They work closely with architects and engineers to ensure their projects are safe and up to code, and they manage the construction workforce.

Key Aspects of Construction Project Management

Following are several key aspects of Construction Project Management according to expert Edmir Sokoli:


Before the construction begins, project managers are responsible for working with subcontractors to create favorable contracts that protect all parties from a legal standpoint. These contracts set the number of hours required and the level of payment that the subcontractors will receive. These subcontractors may include roofers, painters, metalworkers, and HVAC specialists, among many others.

Project Planning

The Construction Project Manager works with the architect, engineers, and future owners of each project in order to create an effective plan. Project managers have expert scheduling skills and know-how to set up a project for success.

Time management is especially important in the construction business. In construction, time equals money, and any overage in the time it takes to complete a project could end up going over budget.

Safety and Quality

Construction Project Managers are the point people for project and worker safety. They must focus on creating a safe and healthy environment for workers and ensuring that the finished product is safe for its future occupants.

Cost Management

In addition to time management, Construction Project Managers must know how to manage costs. Project owners are highly reluctant to allow cost overruns, and excessive spending can lead to a loss of reputation for the construction company. Project managers work with their colleagues to keep labor, materials, and other incidental costs in check.

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Reasons Why Construction Project Management is Vital

Edmir Sokoli has compiled this breakdown of why Construction Project Management professionals are necessary for any quality project.

1. Saving Time and Money

Project managers need to ensure that their work is completed on time and within budget. When mapping out a project from the beginning to the conclusion, it is possible to spot any potential bottlenecks or delays well in advance and either prevent them or work to resolve them as soon as possible. Construction Project Managers make better decisions than people who are not trained in this area, and they know how to prioritize which work gets done at which time. They make data-driven decisions as well.

2. Resource Management

While resource management is closely linked to controlling costs and managing time on the project, it should also be considered its specialty. Inventory and staffing must be handled with a deft hand. 

Construction Project Managers must know how to get quality materials for as little as possible to stay on budget. They must match their resource use with initial estimates and optimize this use of resources at all times.

3. Communications

Construction Project Managers have a high level of expertise in helping different departments work together. From concrete workers to electricians, many construction workers need to be managed. These groups often have communication difficulties since their interests and needs differ significantly. The Construction Project Manager can address their concerns and balance their needs.

Why Projects Need Construction Managers

Construction Project Managers promote effective operations, help projects reach completion faster, and increase the return on investment. Construction Project Managers can also control expenses, save time, and adequately manage laborers and specialist contractors. 

Construction is a complex industry with many moving parts. Project managers pull all of these parts into a team with a common goal. Understanding how to make a construction project work is a difficult task. Still, these managers have the training, skills, and determination needed to complete the most complicated jobs.

Property owners should consider these criteria when searching for a construction project manager. Skills and experience may vary, but each project deserves the best when it comes to management.

Edmir Sokoli underscores the importance of the Construction Project Manager to the industry as a whole. Without a Construction Project Manager, worksites are less efficient and more likely to go over budget and run behind schedule. Hiring a project manager is a must for construction activities of any size and scope.