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Equip Beauty Salon by Sides Core

Yoshiro Masuda

Equip is a minimalistic beauty salon designed by Sohei Arao of Japanese design firm Sides Core in the city of Sakai, in Japan’s Osaka prefecture. The owner is an avid mountain climber, and shared that the most appealing part of climbing a mountain is that you never really know what will happen until you get there, and how soothing it is to experience something new every time out.

He wanted the same kind of space built in a beauty salon, giving guests a new experience each time. The studio worked closely with the owner to find a small property in a quiet neighborhood, where guests would feel the most welcome. Sohei Arao has arranged a spacious, open feel space using a high ceiling framework and a stripped down interior with one station.


The design team spent long time selecting the perfect chair, sound equipment, mirrors and other station details which will come in physical contact with guests to create an experience, along with a desk and freely changeable wall-mounted storage in perforated board for the owner. The reflection of the wall surface, ever-changing with the seasons and the taste of the owner and his diverse interests, will become the face of the salon. The guests will certainly feel how the space he creates will change over time.

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all images © Yoshiro Masuda