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Extraordinary Window Designs For The Modern Home

Extraordinary Window Designs For The Modern Home

Your desire to be near to the window is your desire to be close to life! – Mehmet Murad Ildan. Doesn’t this quote give you a vision of you looking out your window with a hot cup of your preferred beverage in hand, taking in life and love one sip at a time? Well, windows are the eyes of your house; their beautification alone can uplift the curb appeal of your entire property

Homeowners, especially the ones who are highly invested in the decor of their home, need to be careful of the trends to choose the perfect window design. Are you on the hunt for a gorgeous window that will capture the attention of everyone passing by? Here are a few of the most stunning window options that will thrive in 2020.

Awning windows

Do you reside in a rain-prone area? If yes, then your homes need a window design that helps you keep the rainwater at bay and awning windows do precisely that. Their opening mechanism prevents rainwater from entering your home. Such models are clubbed with fixed windows where they are attached on the upper or lower ends of the window. 

 Extraordinary Window Designs For The Modern Home

Double-hung windows

Double-hung windows come with two movable sashes which allow excellent inflow and outflow of air in your home. These not only support better air circulation but also add an aesthetically pleasing appeal to the entire decor scheme. You can opt for single-hung windows as well where only the lower lash will be movable. 

Transom windows

Transom windows are an addition to the existing window style of your home. Whether you have awnings on the lower end or a double-hung window, transom windows will be installed above all the existing ones. They can be used for better ventilation, adding more light to the room and ornamentation. Transom windows can be commonly found above the entry door or the current windows in the family room. Since window cleaning in Tauranga for such windows won’t be easy, hire professionals to maintain their appearance.

 Extraordinary Window Designs For The Modern Home


Don’t we all love a gorgeous ceiling where the stars are visible at night? Well, that’s skylight for you, my friend. Skylights look exceptionally fascinating and add a subtle charm to the entire decor scheme. Such a design also works as an architecture solution in many cases. Consider the example of a washroom or kid’s room being constructed in the attic where there is no space for windows in the walls. Well, that’s where a gorgeous skylight will work wonders for you.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows have been a popular windowing option in the UK for decades now. Bay windows create a beautiful angled projection of sunlight in the room, where leaving the middle pane, the side panes can be opened for ventilation. However, bow windows are composed of around 4 casement windows that are designed to form an arc beyond the exterior limits of the home. These window designs allow beautiful inlet of sunlight while creating an arc which can be used as a corner sitting space too. 

Window walls

Do you have a gorgeous view to wake up to every day? If yes, then don’t waste it and install window walls to get the best of it. Whether you want more sunlight in your room or something subtle yet unique to uplift the current decor, window walls never fail to impress. You can add sliders or doorknobs to make them operational. With such an interesting flow of light in the room, maintaining the freshness after thorough house cleaning in Tauranga will be easier too. Pair them with awnings or transom windows for added appeal. 

Like we care for our eyes, we need to keep a tab on the cleanliness of the home’s eyes too. For window cleaning in Tauranga, hire professionals to your aid and enjoy stunning window appeal for years to come.