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Floating Cloudscape Sculpture by FAKT

Giulio Boem

As part of the Festival des Architectures Vives, Berlin and Zurich based studio FAKT has developed an architectural installation by using perforated aluminum sheets realizing a floating Cloudscape sculpture.

The installation, that hangs in the middle of a courtyard in Montpellier, is reflective to its surroundings and reacts to the slightest shift in weather, light and colour conditions. Raindrops for instance generate sound and add to the reflection and movement of the structure.


Cloudscape is made of two perforated aluminum sheets, each 2 millimeters thick, and covers an area of 6.4 m x 4.5 m. The structure is soft, since its shape is only in a temporary balance, the thin aluminium sheets always in a subtle movement, resonating wind and temperature changes.


Moreover the lightness and floating sculpture is semitransparent, there is no absolute border to its context, no clear inside or outside, above or below – only a constantly redefined visual dialogue between the object and the spectator as well as a constant transformation of the courtyard space trough the changing image of shadow and light projected onto the ground and the facades.


floating-cloudscape-sculpture-by-fakt-4 floating-cloudscape-sculpture-by-fakt-5 floating-cloudscape-sculpture-by-fakt-6 floating-cloudscape-sculpture-by-fakt-7 floating-cloudscape-sculpture-by-fakt-8 floating-cloudscape-sculpture-by-fakt-9

all images © Giulio Boem / video courtesy of FAKT