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Francis Bitonti Gold-Plated 3D Printed Mutatio Jewelry Collection

3D Systems

New York-based Francis Bitonti Studio has teamed up with American firm 3D Systems to realize a gold-plated 3D printed jewelry collection, which follows the release of the Mutatio Shoes collection designed for United Nude. Each jewel features a unique pattern, generated by tweaking a computer algorithm that controls the form of a digital model. Changing the inputs to the model within an application created by Bitonti’s studio, the designer was able to produce bespoke shapes that could be built up on a 3D printer. The entire Mutatio jewelry and shoe collection is available for purchase on cubify.com.

 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-2 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-3 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-4 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-5 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-6 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-7 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-8 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-9 francis-bitonti-gold-plated-3d-printed-mutatio-jewelry-collection-10

all images courtesy of 3D Systems