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FreakishWatch by Sabrina Fossi Design

Sabrina Fossi Design

Italian brand Sabrina Fossi Design has unveiled its latest creation, the FreakishWatch, aunique 24 hours wristwatch. With its sleek and minimal design, the FreakishWatch is designed for everyone and every situation. The 24 hours are lined up onto an aluminum disc, encased into a thin, 36 mm stainless steel case and supported by a genuine leather watchband. The original idea was based on a simple principle: making an analogue clock which was as easy to read as a digital clock.

The careful choice of materials and the meticulous attention to design, make FreakishWatch a unique accessory: light and thin, elegant and comfortable to wear, but also solid and water-resistant. FreakishWatch is available in just two versions, reflecting its essence of simplicity and charm; elegant in black, casual in yellow.

 freakishwatch-sabrina-fossi-design-2 freakishwatch-sabrina-fossi-design-3 freakishwatch-sabrina-fossi-design-4

all images courtesy of Sabrina Fossi Design