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Getting Precision Tube Bending for Your Industrial Needs 

Getting Precision Tube Bending for Your Industrial Needs 

Metal tubing is used in many industries, machines and equipment of all sizes and types, and in nearly all vehicles. In each application, the tubing needs to be made of specific metal and bent to exact specifications so that connections can be safely and easily. Precision tube bending that can be relied on is done by companies such as Aero-flex that understand the various ways to bend it properly.  

Tubing Materials 

Your project will require that the tubing be made of certain metals to fit the application. The tubing can be made of stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, titanium, alloy X, and more. They can range in size from 1/8″ to as large as 6″ OD. Also, if your tubes are made of heavy metal alloys, there is tungsten powder for sale that will help to improve their wear resistance.

The tubing used will meet all of the required specifications. They will meet ASTM, AMS, or Mil-Spec requirements. If a specific wall thickness is needed, it can be obtained. Other considerations include specified levels of corrosion resistance and being able to withstand high pressure and temperature ranges.   

If all you have is a drawing of the part needed, that is all that is needed. Drawings usually indicate the type of material needed. Having that information, Aero-flex can bend the tube as needed to match the size and specifications in the drawing. The company is in contact with various suppliers that can supply any type of material needed – even if it does not match typical industry standards. 

Tube Bending Methods 

To get a tube bent to the precise specifications needed, several methods can be used. This will partly depend on the size and type of tubing, as well as the metal that it is made of. Care must be given so that the tubing is not crimped or damaged when bending it.  

Several methods are used at Aero Flex to bend tubing. They include CNC machining, roll bending, manual bending, and mandrel bending. In each method used, the desired results will be achieved without damaging the tubing or leaving it unsightly. Each bend will be precise and according to your specifications.  

Heat Treating

When some types of metal tubing are bent, it can weaken the metal involved. Getting heat treating services will restrengthen the metal after it has been applied. Heat treatment is provided when needed to ensure that the metal tubing meets your specifications for strength.

Stress-relieving is another process that is performed after tube bending when necessary. This helps to ensure that any stresses that were absorbed by the metal during the processing and bending are relieved.

End Finishing 

In addition to precision tube bending, your tubes can be given the end finishing you need. They can be deburred, flared, beaded, notched, expanded, or welded to meet your needs. Connectors can also be added of any kind. They can be custom-made or ones that are commercially available. Aero-flex technicians have experience with making all kinds of connectors.  


When assemblies are needed, they can also be made by Aero-flex. All of your specifications can be applied to ensure that an assembly meets your needs and that it is ready to be applied when delivered. Assemblies made by us are used in many industries, including aircraft, deep-sea applications, the oil industry, heavy machinery, and many more.  

Entire rigid piping assemblies can be made for you, or you can get just one component of it. Aero-flex makes piping, parts, and assemblies for power systems and turbines for GE and PW, as well as for uses in space, aircraft, and turbines.  

Replacement Parts 

In addition to the custom-made tubing, the company can also provide you with replacement parts for your industrial machinery. When you need a part that is no longer made or not readily available, Aero-flex can make it for you. All that is needed to duplicate it is drawings that contain all the details about the part, including the metal type.  

Large Scale Production 

Precision tube bending can be made for all of your needs. From bending tubes for one-time projects such as models or prototypes to mass-producing identical tubing, Aero-flex can produce precisely bent tubing to meet your needs. The CNC (computer numeric control) machines enable the production of large volumes of tubing quickly.  

CNC machining also enables us to make special and unique components. The CNC process lets us precisely control lathes, routers, grinders, and mills to produce both simple and complex operations. This ensures that each part or component meets your specifications.  


When needed, various types of testing are performed on the tubing to ensure its integrity and strength. Aero-flex can conduct pressure testing – pneumatic or hydrostatic, and also NDT, which includes x-ray, fluorescent, and the use of color contrast penetrants. When desired, helium mass spectrometer and magnetic particle inspections can also be conducted. Testing is especially valuable where welds and connectors are used.  

Project Completion 

Because large quantities of bent tubing can be quickly produced, your project can be finished rather quickly. The company ensures that the first components are tested and meet your demands before making large quantities. Your satisfaction with each part is our goal, and when necessary, changes can be made along the way as required.  

Once the part or tubing is approved, manufacturing begins to produce the number of components ordered – all within the time frame given. With CNC machines, all bent tubing will precisely meet the specifications. Aero-flex is certified to meet AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 standards.  

All tubing and assemblies are also cleaned before shipping so that they are ready to use right out of the box. If you need the cleaning to meet high purity cleaning standards, that can also be provided to meet your specifications.  

Industries Served  

Aero-flex makes tubing and precision machined parts for a wide variety of industries. It includes solid tube bending, flexible metal hoses, and PTFE and rubber hoses. The company work with many industries, including aerospace, defense, oil and gas, cryogenics, marine, medical, subsea, and semiconductor industries.  

The owners of the Aero-flex company have over 75 years of experience in making various types of hose and piping for commercial aircraft. The company has been in existence since 2008, and they have many satisfied customers and zero returned assemblies. For more information about our precision tube bending services, contact us today.