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Buttes Chaumont Apartment by Glenn Medioni

Glenn Medioni

This 70 sqm apartment in Paris’ northeast 19th arrondissement, has completely been rethought by French architect Glenn Medioni for a father and his son. Every distribution spaces were suppressed in order to open up the living room as much as possible, as well as the bathroom and the two bedrooms. The access to these rooms is now done through o wooden wall in the main room. A high corner cabinet was thought in order to unify the space regrouping functions (intercom and “vide poches”, office, book shelters, TV …), giving it more dynamism, thanks to its yellow niches. Following the idea of space optimisation, the child bedroom counts a multifunctional module integrating bed, office, and numerous storage , in order to give more game space for the child.

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all images courtesy of Glenn Medioni