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Home Decor: Outdoor Living Trend to Make a Big Impact in 2023

Outdoor furniture on a decking

Outdoor living trends are expected to greatly impact residential areas in 2023. From the use of eco-friendly materials to merged indoor-outdoor spaces, there are a wide variety of ways to style your outdoor spaces without hassle or spending too much to hire a landscape designer. 

This article will explore the outdoor living trends set to be highly popular in 2023 and ways you can implement them in your garden to meet your aesthetic taste or styles. 

Merged indoor-outdoor space

One of the most popular outdoor living trends of 2023 is merging the interior of your home with the outdoors, connecting small, cosy elements and living areas in a single unit. 

After the covid-19 lockdowns in March 2020, an increasing number of people decided to devote time and resources to outdoor activities. This led many house owners to invest in improving the appeal and functionality of their outdoor space for all-year-round enjoyment and relaxation.

You can use a folding glass door to lead your home space into the outdoor living area, creating an inviting indoor-outdoor area. 

Another common element you can use to add soft accents to your outdoor spaces is the outdoor rug. It can produce a relaxing atmosphere that can be harmonised with your garden furnishing for a cohesive, smooth and attractive look.

For nearly a century, barbecues have been among the few ways to prepare food outdoors – considering the cooking of meals in the home’s kitchen. Today, compact yet durable outdoor kitchens are increasingly becoming popular for the cooking and preparation of food as well as alfresco dining in garden areas. 

Made from eco-friendly materials and other recycled items, these lightweight outdoor kitchenettes are a simple way to connect outdoor/living spaces while inculcating an environmentally friendly and sustainable element into your property. 

Eco-friendly furniture

Property owners have long relied on quality furniture and home décor for their garden areas. But in 2023, there will be a big surge in demand for eco-friendly furniture, with an increasing number of people preferring sustainable materials for their outdoor chairs and tables.

Composite materials have emerged as one of the most popular eco-friendly materials as they are resistant to decay, warp and splinter. They are also moisture-resistant, making them ideal for extreme weather conditions and pool areas. 

Composite decking boards are made from recycled wood fibres and plastics, meaning they are eco-friendly. Furthermore, they are low-maintenance and do not require toxic sealant that can negatively impact the environment. 

Apart from recycled products for outdoor decor, eco-conscious homeowners are also opting for materials like rattans, macrame textiles and bamboo to create sustainable outdoor areas in 2023. 

 Outdoor garden furniture

Organic materials/stone walkways

Natural stones are not only known for their beauty, but they can also add distinctiveness to your outdoor space, especially when used as a pathway. They are low-maintenance and can add a focal point or idyllic theme to your garden. 

A cost-effective way to add interest and contour to your deck area is using brushed or textured stone slabs made from limestone or sandstone. They can also create a cosy footpath if your garden is filled with pebbles or gravel. 

Material and colour in Terracotta

Terra Cotta is among the most trendy garden colours this year. 

Historically used to sculpt ornaments and pots and popular with Greek-themed gardens, it is currently regarded as a year-round colour that can be combined with decking and cladding. This is due to its reddish-brown unglazed earthen tones, which can give off a Middle Eastern vibe to even winter gardens. 

Terra Cotta means “burnt earth” and is a popular ceramic material that is typically utilised by numerous gardeners to craft lovely, creative gardens. For instance, with a floral-filled terra cotta pot, you can improve the appeal and vibrancy of limited-space areas. 

Deluxe relaxation area

While a lot of us are investing more time at home and spending less cash on travel and hotels, our plan is to experience luxury in our outdoor living area. Because of this, an important trend for 2023 outdoor living areas is adding a serene, pleasant space – or “staycation” area to our gardens. 

This means investing in features like outdoor grills, garden fireplaces, gazebos and outdoor jacuzzis for an authentic vacation-from-home atmosphere. 

Outdoor jacuzzis and hot tubs are an amazing way to enjoy an at-home spa experience. Many homeowners opt to pay for one as a one-time investment instead of frequently making trips to and spending on hotel spas.