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Home Exterior Renewal: A Savvy Guide For Homeowners

Home Exterior Renewal: A Savvy Guide For Homeowners

Take a good look at your home’s exterior. Are chipped paint and weathered siding present? Is your curb lacking appeal? If your property’s curb isn’t at its best, you still can turn it around and transform it back to its former glory.

A well-planned exterior renewal can breathe new life into your property, boosting its value, functionality, and curb appeal in ways you never imagined. But embarking on such a project can feel daunting for non-professionals like yourself. 

Don’t worry, this post will serve as a guide you can use as a roadmap to carry out a successful home exterior renewal. The following points will equip you with the knowledge, resources, and strategic steps to tackle your home’s exterior transformation like a seasoned pro. Read on to learn more.

1. Assessing The Status Of Your Home’s Exterior

Before wielding power tools and paintbrushes to deal with an ugly-looking home exterior, take a strategic pause. 

Grab a notebook and meticulously assess your home’s exterior first. Note down areas requiring immediate attention, like leaky roofs or rotting trim that could crumble at any moment. 

Then, prioritize projects based on a trinity of factors: your budget, goals, and desired impact. Remember, you don’t have to tackle everything at once. Start with the most critical areas and gradually work your way down your list.

For instance, you can first give your exterior a thorough clean with the help of professional cleaners like Platinum Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning. Then, you can proceed with repairs and renovations after having a clean canvas to begin with. 

2. Budgeting

Home renovations such as an exterior renewal can blow a hole out of your pockets if left unchecked. To avoid financial woes that could leave you feeling blue, create a realistic budget that accounts for everything from materials and labor to permits and those pesky, yet inevitable, unexpected costs. 

Look up average costs for different home exterior renewal projects in your area, considering the quality of materials you desire. Remember, skimping on quality might save you upfront, but could lead to costly repairs down the line, turning a so-called bargain into a long-term headache.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a 10-20% buffer for unforeseen expenses – life throws curveballs, and your budget should be ready to catch them.

3. Deciding Whether You Should Take The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Route Or Professional Help

Should you take on the DIY or professional route? This age-old question hinges on your comfort level, skills, and project complexity. 

Replacing cracked windowpanes? A DIY project for the handy homeowner with a toolbox as their best friend. Revamping your entire roof, however, is a different home exterior renewal project altogether. Hiring a licensed professional is the safer, more efficient option for highly complicated and high-stake exterior renewal projects like roof renovations – these projects require technical knowledge, specialized tools, and so on.

Home Exterior Renewal: A Savvy Guide For Homeowners

4. Picking A Home Exterior Renewal Project To Take On

Now comes the fun part – envisioning your home’s transformation from ‘old and dated’ to ‘brand-new and dreamy!’ Here are some inspiring project ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Curb Appeal Makeover: Paint your siding in a trendy color that reflects your personality, replace outdated fixtures with modern elegance, add a welcoming porch swing that beckons relaxation, or plant vibrant landscaping that bursts with color like a confetti explosion.
  • Embrace The Green Movement: Upgrade windows and doors to insulation-friendly features, invest in a cool roof that reflects heat like a mirror, or install solar panels to harness the sun’s power and become your own mini-energy provider.
  • Enhance Your Outdoor Living: Build a deck or patio for alfresco entertaining, add a functional shed for storing all your gardening treasures, or create a rainwater harvesting system to be kind to the environment and your water bill.

5. Preparing All The Necessary Home Project Permits

Depending on your home exterior renewal project’s scope, you might need permits from your local authorities. Skipping this crucial step can cause delays and even hefty fines. Contact your local building department to understand permit requirements and application procedures. Think of it as getting your project officially greenlit, paving the way for a smooth and legal transformation.

6. Choosing the Right Home Contractor To Get The Job Done

If you’ve decided to delegate the renovation works to the professionals, it’s best that you do your due diligence. 

Don’t settle for the first contractor you come across on the web or from recommendations from family and friends. Get quotes from at least three licensed and insured contractors with a proven track record of successful home exterior renewal projects. Check their references, online reviews, and portfolio of past projects. 

In addition, ask detailed questions about each company’s experience, warranty policies, project timelines, and communication style. Remember, you’re building a partnership, so choose a contractor who inspires confidence and aligns with your budget, vision, and preferred communication style. Don’t be afraid to walk away if something feels off – your intuition is oftentimes right.

7. Employing The Finishing Touches

Remember – the most minute of details matter big time. Don’t forget to employ all of the finishing touches to your newest home exterior to ensure renovation success.

To begin, add decorative accents like colorful houseplants, welcoming outdoor lighting that sets the mood, or a vibrant doormat that welcomes guests with glee. Next, stage your porch with inviting furniture and lush greenery – think cozy reading nook or alfresco dining haven.

At the end of the day, your home’s exterior is an extension of your personality, so let it reflect your unique style and passions

To Conclude

By following the abovementioned tips and unleashing your creative spirit, you can transform your home’s exterior into a source of pride and enjoyment. Remember, a well-executed exterior renewal not only enhances your living space but also increases your property’s value and curb appeal.