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Home Renovations That Maximize Resale Value 

Home Renovations That Maximize Resale Value 

In terms of home renovations, the money you put in can’t always be recouped when you decide to sell your property. But, it’s not impossible to get the best value for your investment when doing renovations. 

The only thing that you should do is to be wise when it comes to right home renovations. There are several things to take note of before you decide to renovate your home. Some of these include the cost versus the value and whether or not a renovation project is a worthy investment. 

If you’ve decided to consider a home renovation even if you plan to work with cash home buyers to sell your house fast, below are projects you should take into consideration to maximize your property’s resale value: 

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is considered the heart of any home. It’s the part of your property that gets your potential buyers’ attention. However, before you renovate your kitchen, make sure that its cost is in line with the rest of your house. Once done right, your kitchen can play a big role in selling your house. 

When upgrading your kitchen, start with a fresh coat of paint using the most popular color these days. Then, replace your old appliances with energy-efficient and money-saving models since potential buyers frequently look for ways a new home would save them money. 

Also, it’s a great idea to update your kitchen cabinet fronts and countertops to upgrade your old kitchen’s look. Depending on your home’s décor, choose kitchen cabinetry that matches well with your theme or style. 

2. Level Up Your Home Exterior 

Even if you plan to rely on cash buyers to sell a house fast, your home’s curb appeal is still essential to upgrade if you want to maximize your property’s resale value. 

Remember that your home exterior’s look can have an impact on the first impressions of your potential buyers. So, make sure that your exterior details and paint are up to par. If your home exterior was painted many years ago, upgrade its paint and use the right combination for siding, trim, and doors. 

The driveway must be paved properly and your lawn should be maintained. If you’re not good at gardening, consider drought-tolerant plants or hire experts to help you maintain your lawn. 

If you’ll require columns to hold up a pergola, buy a load-bearing type. A fiberglass composite column is durable and more popular. For unique and historic columns, check salvage yards. 

For an updated look, get rid of old awnings from doors and windows. Swap your damaged wrought-iron railings for wood supports to give your exterior a more inviting entry. By adding columns and pergola, you can give a dramatic makeover to your bare and charmless porch. 

 Home Renovations That Maximize Resale Value 

3. Replace Your Light Fixtures 

One of the best home renovation ideas that can help maximize your property’s value is replacing your light fixtures. You’ll be amazed at how well-placed pools of warm light could make your house more user-friendly and inviting. When choosing light fixtures for your home, consider the function and design. 

Updated styles of exterior and interior light fixtures are available at online retailers and big-box stores for a little pocket change. It can give your home a wow factor. 

4. Add Or Update Your Deck 

Buyers love both outdoor and indoor space, so you might not want to overlook your current deck. If it requires repairs, it’s a wise idea to do it before you put your property on sale. 

If you don’t have a deck yet, add one to increase your home’s value. Adding some unique elements to your outdoor space and using several high-grade materials for a longer lifespan also help the decks add property value. 

5. Upgrade Your HVAC 

Your home’s HVAC system is what keeps you comfortable and cozy indoors. With that in mind, consider replacing your old HVAC system with a newer model. This is because buyers are frequently taken aback when upon inspection, a home’s HVAC is found to be in poor condition or old. These days, millennial buyers are unwilling to overlook some old mechanicals, regardless if the seller offers a home warranty as a way to compensate for the HVAC system’s age. 

6. Reinvent Your Room 

Adding rooms can be expensive, but it’s one of the home improvement trends that are worth it if you want to maximize your home’s resale value. To enjoy savings, consider reinventing your existing room. For instance, you can convert your attic and transform it into another bedroom. Just keep the new room more versatile to meet your potential buyers’ needs. 

 Home Renovations That Maximize Resale Value 

7. Upgrade Or Add A Bathroom 

The other room that will surely turn the heads of potential buyers is your bathroom. Consider upgrading your bathroom, and if your home could use an extra bathroom, you can guarantee that this addition can be money well-spent. 

Instead of adding a new space, consider extra space in your house that can be converted into a bathroom. You don’t need a big space for a new bathroom. As long as it can accommodate the necessary features, you can make a bathroom, regardless of the size. Just ensure that its décor matches your overall home look. 

8. Consider Window Replacements 

Replacing your windows can maximize the resale value of your property. In fact, big city window replacements can really pay off, especially for those who want energy-efficient windows. 

If you’re in a hot climate region, you can get windows that reflect heat. For better efficiency, add argon gas in the pane to prevent cold and heat transference within the window. 

9. Add A Sunroom 

Sunrooms count in the property’s square footage only when they are cooled and heated for year-round use. They add value only in an upscale neighborhood. Adding a sunroom won’t usually bring high bids in low-end neighborhoods. So, make sure to check your neighborhoods first if a sunroom would be a good home renovation project to maximize resale value. 

Wrapping Up 

There are many home renovation projects that can be done around your home to maximize its resale value aside from the listed above. However, if you’re confused with the options, you can consider any of the above-mentioned home renovations. Just make sure to take the time to plan accordingly and never spend beyond your budget unless it’ll be worth the expenses.