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How Modern Tech & Design Have Revolutionized Storage Units

How Modern Tech & Design Have Revolutionized Storage Units

The hot, cramped, one-size-fits-all storage units of yesterday are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to technological and design advancements, units are changing to better suit the needs of renters.

Whether you’re looking to store a prized collection or the contents of your cluttered basement, your priceless vintage car or the junk your brother won’t get out of your garage, today’s storage units are better protecting your belongings, safeguarding your investments and giving you more options to choose from. Here’s how.

Get the Size You Need to Store Anything

Think storage lockers are just for a few small piles of boxes? Think again. Modern design has changed how the very layout of storage lockers are designed. This means an entirely new world of unit layouts optimized to hold more belongings in a smaller space. Large units are available that can hold everything from your prized vintage car to a collection of oversized appliances, or even the contents of your home while you’re moving or remodeling.

It’s not just oversized units that are now available, either. For those with just a few belongings that they want to remove from their homes without getting rid of anything, small units are an excellent solution. A lower price point makes it easy to justify clearing just a few items out of your home. Whether you need space in your garage or you’re dreaming of reclaiming your basement, there are self storage options in Dallas that are perfectly sized to suit your needs.

 How Modern Tech & Design Have Revolutionized Storage Units

Control Your Climate to Protect Your Belongings

Heat can ruin everything from books and photographs to wooden furniture, wine, and electronics, and many storage lockers do get very hot, especially during the summer months.

But modern climate control technology is changing this. Storage units equipped with this tech will stay at a comfortable, steady temperature around the clock, all year long. This makes it possible to store your prized wine or bourbon collection, those family photo albums or your favorite wooden desk. You wouldn’t leave your important possessions in a hot car, so you shouldn’t leave them in a hot storage unit either.

Opt for Security to Safeguard Your Investments and Heirlooms

If you think that your home is the only safe spot for your valuables, think again. Modern security advancements help to make storage facilities safer than ever. Armed with security cameras, alarms, password-only access and more, your unit will be incredibly secure. There’s even 24/7 monitoring of the facility.

When it comes to storage units, security is key. No expenses must be spared for extensive security measures. Henfield Storage, for instance, offers cheap self storage units without skimping on the safety of your items.

How Modern Tech & Design Have Revolutionized Storage Units

Finding the Right Storage Unit for You

From better-designed storage unit layouts to enhanced security and climate control, technology is making storage units safer and easier to use with every passing year.

Now that you know what to expect of a unit, it’s time to choose the right one for you. Carefully measure your belongings and create a self storage inventory to decide which size you need. While you don’t want to overpay for too large a unit, too small of one can lead to you stacking boxes that shouldn’t be stacked and potentially breaking some of your prized possessions. Then, start searching for a secure, climate-controlled unit in the size that you need. Before you know it, it’ll be moving day, and you’ll finally be getting your home and your space back.