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How to Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen

How to Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen

Love it or hate it, minimalism is in, and it’s here to stay for a long time. If you’re someone who has a kitchen that seems to be bursting from the seams, you may be thinking of giving it a minimalist makeover. Even if you don’t cook that often, your kitchen is still one of the most-used rooms in your home. It’s a space where the family comes together at the end of the day and where you sit down to have meals with loved ones. This is precisely why simplifying your kitchen is one of the best decisions you could make for your home. In today’s article, we look at 5 expert tips on how you can bring minimalism to your kitchen, so read on to find out more! 

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Appliances

In today’s world where we are inundated with various new appliances and gadgets to buy every second, it can be all too easy to end up with a collection of items that you barely even use. Step one towards bringing minimalism to your kitchen is to get rid of items or appliances that you do not use. That breadmaker that you bought three years ago that is collecting dust? It’s time to give it away to someone or sell it. Focus on keeping items that you use regularly, such as your kettle, toaster, hand blender and a small range of pots, pans and cutlery. Anything that doesn’t have a use should be gotten rid of in order to clean up your kitchen space and keep it as minimal as possible. 

 How to Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen

Pick A Neutral Colour Scheme

Do you have multi colored appliances, pots, pans and plates strewn all around your kitchen? Well, the time has come to pick a colour scheme and stick to it. Most minimalist kitchens are fond of adopting neutral tones such as whites, greys and beiges. Whilst we don’t expect you to go out and get a contractor in to rip your kitchen apart, there are some simple tips when it comes to colour coordinating in your kitchen. If you use storage containers or bins for items such as flour, salt and sugar, we always recommend purchasing a matching set in a neutral colour. You can also try to pick appliances that are similar in colour – if you have a stainless steel toaster, why not go for a stainless steel microwave, kettle and coffee machine too? By sticking to one colour scheme, you create the illusion of cohesion and order in your newly minimalist kitchen. 

Get Rid of Counter Space Clutter

Getting rid of clutter is minimalism 101. When it comes to the kitchen, we always recommend keeping clutter at bay. This means no random items on the kitchen counter, no half eaten loaves of bread or yesterday’s unopened mail strewn all over your kitchen counter. As a general rule of thumb, everything in a minimalist kitchen should be kept out of sight and stored in their designated storage space. Get rid of any unnecessary junk that has been crowding your kitchen area and invest in smart storage solutions. Some great tips include building a spice rack for attractively storing spices, or investing in a hanging pot rack.

 How to Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen

You Don’t Need That Many Knives

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have one too many knives lying around your kitchen. Let’s be real – who actually needs 27 knives? If you’re an avid knife collector, it may be time to get rid of your mass collection of pristine kitchen swords. Instead, spend your money wisely and iinvest in one or two excellent cook’s knives along with a good sharpening system that will allow your knives to last a lifetime. If you love baking bread, the only other knife you will probably need is a serrated bread knife, and nothing else. It’s time to give away your 27 knives that you’ve collected over the years! 

You Definitely Don’t Need 100 Plates Either

Most of us tend to accumulate enough dishware for an army. When you’re looking to embrace minimalism in the kitchen, a rule of thumb is to only keep dishware that you use on a regular basis. This also applies to other items such as cutlery, glassware and cooking utensils. Unless you’re running a restaurant, you definitely don’t need to have 25-30 bowls and plates cluttering your cabinets or 12 different kinds of wine glasses taking up precious cupboard space. A simple matching set of dishware, utensils and glassware is all you need. (With that said, you don’t have to throw your grandmother’s antique chinaware out – but you don’t need to have it sitting in the kitchen and doing nothing either!)

And there you have it, 5 simple, inexpensive and easy ways to transform your kitchen into a minimalist’s dream. By keeping clutter at bay, getting rid of unnecessary gadgets, dishware and appliances, you’ll find that your kitchen is a much more functional and aesthetically pleasing space that you’ll enjoy unwinding in at the end of a stressful day.