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How to Create the Ultimate Patio 

Patio with swimming pool

A patio space is where your home meets the outdoors. It doesn’t matter the climate you live in, either. We all need a space where we can embrace nature wherever we find it, and a patio is a perfect place to do that. From small patios that just hold a bench to ones large enough to house an entire outdoor entertainment area, a patio is just transforming your outdoor space into an outdoor extension. There are so many ways to make it something spectacular and useful throughout the year. To get started, follow this guide:

Understand the Space 

One of the most important things to do before you get started with zoning is to understand the outdoor space that you have. Where does the wind come from? How protected is the space from the elements? How can you add a patio while making room for your other bucket-list items like a garden or a pool? Understand the space, any legal requirements it needs (if you’re putting in that pool), and what you would need to add to make it a great place to hang out year-round.

Create the Patio Area 

Every patio area needs to have flooring. Without that flooring, you’ll have to deal with weeds, bugs, and mud – which makes hanging out or eating rather difficult. You have a big range of options to pick from. Go for wood and enjoy that classic deck patio, or go up a notch with either a brick or stone patio.

 Patio with dining table

Block Out the Elements 

If you want to get the most use out of your patio, then you’ll want to block out the elements. If you want to make the space a good option year-round, you can add a glass extension or conservatory that opens up in summer. If you’re on a budget adding an awning is a great compromise.

Light the Space 

Light the space with low lights to enjoy that romantic, cozy experience that we all want. You can get strings of bulbs that are very popular to line the walls. You can also look into outdoor garden lights.

Heat the Space 

Even summers can get chilly at night. If you want to maximize the time you can spend comfortably outside, consider how you can heat it. A low-budget option is to have an outdoor fire pit. For those who want an efficient option and don’t or can’t have a fire, there are eco-friendly electric heaters from heatscopeheaters.com. Blankets are always a must, even if it’s just for comfort.

Tips for Furniture 

What furniture you choose should be down to how you use the space. If you prefer to lounge but want the option of dining outside, see about a convertible option, like a table that folds up against the wall. The other consideration to make is the material and what options are good for outdoors. If you choose an option like wood, for example, know you’ll need to treat it to keep it protected regularly.

Add Décor 

Finally, décor. Just because the space is outside doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve design! Add mirrors to expand the space, use plants and pots to frame the space, and add design. Paint the area, add sculptures, and more. So long as it’s weather-resistant, it’s a great choice.