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How To Make Your Bedroom Coziest As All

How To Make Your Bedroom Coziest As All

Where do you fall after returning back to the house enduring a toiling day at work, where do you get ready for work every day, where do you discuss the financial situation of the house with your wife?

Yes, it’ the bedroom – a place for your slumber, rest and grooming. The more comfortable it is, the more energized your life would be. Therefore, it is important to make it cozy and snug. Here are some of the tips that can help you in doing that.

1. Get proper lighting in the room

And by lighting, we mean all three types of lighting that include accent, ambient, and task. There should be a layered scheme of lighting in the bedroom for every single task of yours: an ambient source of light in the form of ceiling lights, a central chandelier or a pendant, bedside table lamps for doing late night office work or reading a bedtime novel, ambient light for production of melatonin, and an adorning lighting fixture behind the bed which may also serve as nighttime illumination.

Consider all the tasks that you normally perform in your bedroom like doing make-up, sleeping, reading, watching a movie and prepare for relevant lighting fixtures. How frustrating it would be to wake up to a bright chandelier in the morning, instead of two ceilings recessed light which give a dim light?

 How To Make Your Bedroom Coziest As All

2. Get yourself a fuzzy bedside rug

Okay, consider this. You wake up on a chilly winter morning and forget that slippers are all the way in front of the washroom. You get up expecting your feet to meet a warm surface of your slippers but are met with cold marble floor sending a frozen streak up your spine.

Is that how you want to start your day? Simply, no. So, avoid this and get a soft bedside rug which will also add a nice, decorative touch to space. You can choose any color but I personally like those white, furry ones.

3. Decide on a comfortable mattress

That’s the platform you will be sleeping on, the foam that will ensure you have a calming 6-8 hours of sleep, that’s the base that will align your spine and soothe your muscle movements while you sleep at night.

Believe me, the correct and comfortable mattress is of pivotal importance. There are some people with back pains, some with unique sleeping disorders, some who need a hard base, and others who just want to dig in the plumpness of the mattress and there is one for everyone.

Ensure that you get the mattress that suits your needs, and keeps your body at rest because those 6-8 hours of sleep will majorly determine the mood you have the entire day. You may choose from innerspring, latex, air-filled or memory foam mattress.

 How To Make Your Bedroom Coziest As All

4. Use a scent diffuser

A nice aroma in the house rejuvenates the mood. It helps to keep you positive. You hear people around you talking about having positive energy for a soothing life; a diffuser will help in achieving that.

Quite often, when you enter your bedroom, there is a bad aroma coming from the washroom or from the next wall kitchen which is really distracting and a turnoff. Try keeping the ambiance of the bedroom fresh, and eventful with diffusers.

If you can couple it up with a humidifier or a dehumidifier, it would be even better. If you are interested in these products, you can take a look at BluZen Wellness.

 How To Make Your Bedroom Coziest As All

5. Focus on the other furniture except for the bed

The bedroom is not all bed. It’s a couch, a dresser, cupboards or tables. Work on making them coherent with the overall ambiance of the bedroom in terms of color, design, and style.

A traditional bed would look quite ugly with a contemporary 2-seated sofa. It could go well with a transitional styled one which contains some of the design schemes present in the bed.

The same is with the rest of the furniture. You want to hear a safe and perfect combination? Go with an unadorned modern bed and complement it with different styles of the rest of the furniture. If you get a highly decorative bed, other components of the rooms need to be as embellished and that puts a lot of pressure on you. Play simple and play safe!

I hope these tips would greatly benefit you. If you can’t follow all the tips like buying a new bed, follow those which can easily be integrated into the room like a rug and a scent diffuser.